RSU Exceeds United Way Fundraising Goal

Rogers State University recently completed its campaign for the Rogers County United Way by raising more than $9,700 for the organization and exceeding the campus goal.

Through events, an online auction, payroll deductions and one-time donations, the university exceeded the $6,000 fundraising goal set by RSU President Dr. Larry Rice.

“I am proud of the way the RSU campus community came together to support the United Way,” Rice said. “Donating to the Rogers County United Way is important, especially during these challenging economic times when donations are more difficult to secure and demands for services are greater.”

RSU raised 53 percent more for the Rogers County United Way in 2009 than the campus did in 2008, making it the organization with the largest fundraising increase over last year.

The fundraising effort was led by a campus committee chaired by Dr. MaryRose Hart and Nicole Nascenzi. Members of the committee included: Dr. Greg Thompson, Dr. Dana Gray, Beverly Wise, Mark Meadors, Leonard Szopinski, Chuck Lucia, Rhonda Spurlock, Marisa Littlefield, BJ Armstrong, Tonni Harrald, Ryan Bradley, Susan Bedwell, Yvonne Pace and Katie Navarro.