RSU Enrollment Surpasses 4,000 Students for First Time

Rogers State University has enrolled 4,039 students this fall – the first time in the institution’s history that enrollment has surpassed 4,000 students, university officials announced today.

Since RSU received accreditation as a four-year university in 2000, full-time equivalency enrollment (number of student credit hours) has increased by 68 percent, said RSU President Dr. Joe Wiley.

“We believe this may be one of the largest enrollment increases any college or university has experienced in the history of higher education in Oklahoma,” Wiley said.

This fall, total headcount enrollment at RSU has increased by four percent compared to last fall’s enrollment of 3,884 students. The number of student credit hours has increased by two percent over last fall, indicating the enrollment of more full-time students.

“Surpassing 4,000 students for the first time is a major milestone and source of pride for the university,” Wiley added. “This record-setting enrollment is a testament to the market demand for higher education in this region of the state and a major endorsement of the high-quality educational product offered by RSU.”

The university has experienced enrollment growth in almost every category. Enrollment of students in the RSU Online program increased by 14 percent and concurrent enrollment of high school students in RSU classes grew by 80 percent.

Enrollment at the new RSU campus in downtown Bartlesville also has set records for the university. This fall, total enrollment at the Bartlesville campus increased by 16 percent at 747 students, compared to 654 students last fall, including students enrolled in on-site and online programs.

The number of students enrolled on-site at the Bartlesville campus increased by 12 percent, from 393 to 438. The number of student credit hours in Bartlesville increased by 15 percent. Students enrolled in online programs at the Bartlesville campus grew by more than 18 percent, from 261 to 309.

“We are very gratified by the rapid rate of growth in terms of enrollment at our Bartlesville campus,” Wiley said. “We are also appreciative of the tremendous support of the Bartlesville community for our programs at that campus and anticipate growing even more in the next several years.”

In the next five years, RSU officials have projected total enrollment of more than 5,000 students university-wide, including 2,000 students at the Bartlesville campus. This year, the university has added several new bachelor’s degree programs, including two four-year degrees that may be completed entirely on-site at the Bartlesville campus. Several more degree programs will be added this year at the university, including the Bartlesville campus.

Enrollment is also up at the RSU campus in Pryor this fall. Enrollment at the Pryor campus now stands at 353 students, an increase of four percent over last year’s total enrollment of 339 students. In addition, the number of student credit hours has increased by two percent in Pryor, indicating more full-time students there as well.

Enrollment for the spring 2007 semester begins on Nov. 1 at each of the RSU campuses in Claremore, Bartlesville and Pryor. To enroll or receive more information, call (918) 343-7546 or 1-800-256-7511.