RSU Colloquium to Review Importance of Leisure

A one-day colloquium addressing the importance of leisure and its impact on culture will be held on the Rogers State University campus on Friday, Nov. 21.

During the event, a small group of students, faculty and staff will gather to review and discuss the moral and political implications of “Leisure: The Basis of Culture,” the 1947 text from German Catholic philosopher Josef Pieper. Pieper was widely respected during the 1950s and ’60s shortly after the book was translated into English, but his works have been less studied in the modern era.

Dr. Francis Grabowski, head of RSU’s Department of English and Humanities, will be serving as the program coordinator for the colloquium. He said Pieper’s text deserves a further examination, especially as many in modern society struggle to better understand their purpose and how to lead a life worth living.

During the discussion, participants will be asked to consider the text’s implications for contemporary society.

Participating RSU faculty and staff include Dr. Frank Elwell, Dean of the School of Liberal Arts; Dr. Quentin Taylor, Professor of History and Political Science; Alan Lawless, Director of the Stratton Taylor Library; and Daniel Marangoni, Director of Research and Sponsored Programs.

Students participating in the program include: Jesse Bruffett, an applied technology sophomore from Broken Arrow; Shanna Harrison, a junior from Adair; Austin Jobes, a biology-medical/molecular senior from Cushing; Aaron Lowther, a liberal arts-English junior from Claremore; Jessica Nadal, a history junior from Claremore; Alain Pepin, a social science-psychology junior from Oologah; Scott Petty, a medical/molecular biology senior from Owasso; Kimberly Runge, a social science-political science sophomore from Foyil; and Michael Skidmore, a liberal arts-English junior from Inola.

The seminar was funded through a grant from the Charles Koch Foundation that supports this event, as well as another similar seminar in the spring to discuss another work.