RSU Bartlesville Launches Fundraising Campaign

Rogers State University announced it has received more than $6 million in funding for the first fundraising campaign to benefit its Bartlesville campus.

The announcement was made at Thursday evening’s campaign kick-off. The theme of the campaign is “It’s about something bigger.”

“The mission of higher education is truly about something bigger than all of us,” said Kelly Diven, chairman of the campaign cabinet and president and CEO of the 66 Federal Credit Union. “This campaign directly advances that mission and helps increase the educational opportunities available in the Bartlesville area.”

RSU has already received commitments of more than 90 percent of the $6.5 million campaign goal, Diven told guests at the event.

“Although I am new to RSU, I am well aware of the tremendous support the Bartlesville community has provided to this campus,” said Dr. Larry Rice, RSU President Designate, who was in Bartlesville for the event. “I’ve always believed that higher education should be a close alliance between the private and public sectors and this is a perfect example of a partnership that works.”

Major contributors to the campaign include the Oklahoma Higher Education Capital Bond Program, State of Oklahoma, ConocoPhillips, Jane Phillips Medical Center, Chapman Foundation, Public Service Company of Oklahoma, SAP America, Inc., and the Bartlesville Community Foundation. In addition, members of the RSU Foundation board of directors, RSU alumni, faculty and staff members contributed to the campaign.

Upon completion, the campaign will provide a variety of enhancements for the Bartlesville campus including academic program development, building acquisition and renovation, computers, lab equipment and classroom furnishings.

“RSU Bartlesville has developed into a full-service campus,” Diven said. “This is due to a commitment by the university coupled with the dedication of community leaders to dramatically increase the availability of public higher education in the Bartlesville area. During the last year, this partnership has attracted financial support from both public and private sources.  This public-private partnership has allowed us to quickly expand the campus.”

Members of the campaign cabinet include Diven; Gene Batchelder, Senior Vice President – Services and Chief Information Officer at ConocoPhillips, Marshall McGraw, retired ConocoPhillips executive, and David Stire, CEO and President of Jane Phillips Medical Center, advisory committee; K. Vasudevan, Chairman and Founder of Service and Technology Corporation, donor recognition; Rep. Earl Sears, Oklahoma Legislature, general gifts; Marty Shoenthaler, General Manager – Information Services for ConocoPhillips, leadership and major gifts; and Sen. John Ford, Oklahoma Legislature, publicity and special events.

Shoenthaler served as emcee for the campaign kick-off event, sharing information about the growth and major accomplishments at the RSU Bartlesville campus, including a significant increase in enrollment since the university moved its campus to downtown Bartlesville, expansion of student services at the new campus and the establishment of an internship program with ConocoPhillips.

Last fall, 760 students were enrolled at the RSU Bartlesville campus, a significant increase over the previous fall. University officials project that enrollment will increase to more than 1,000 students by 2010. RSU also projects an increase in the number of faculty and staff members employed at the Bartlesville campus, and a significant increase in the economic impact on the region.

For more information about RSU Bartlesville, call (918) 338-8000.