RSU Bachelor’s Degree in Biology Gains Accreditation

Rogers State University’s new bachelor’s degree in biology has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

The bachelor of science (B.S.) in biology is the fifth bachelor’s degree to be offered by RSU. Last year, the university began offering bachelor’s degrees in applied technology, business information technology, liberal arts, and social sciences.

“This is an exciting time at Rogers State University,” said RSU President Joe Wiley. “We are very pleased to have received this important accreditation, allowing us to offer a much-needed four-year degree in biology to area students.”

The new degree offers options in environmental conservation and medical/molecular. Both options will provide students with a broad background in biology and prepare them for graduate school or a variety of careers in the life sciences.

The medical/molecular option will prepare students for medical school, veterinary school and graduate programs in the life sciences. It also will prepare students for careers in medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology firms. In addition, the medical/molecular option will allow students to enter the fields of animal breeding, forensic science, wildlife management and others.

The environmental conservation option emphasizes environmental chemistry and ecological toxicology (contaminants and pollutants), and addresses issues in ecosystem management, landscape ecology, and regional and global threats to bio-diversity.

Both options will require a total of 121 credit hours, including 46 hours of general education requirements.

“These are the two options that are most in demand,” Wiley said. “The medical/molecular option will educate students to work in laboratories at medical centers and clinics, and the environmental conservation option will allow them to pursue careers in the rapidly growing field of conservation.

“The environmental conservation option will produce graduates who will be trained to help preserve the beautiful lakes, streams, and forests of Eastern Oklahoma,” he added.

The new degree is being offered now by RSU’s Department of Mathematics and Science, located in the School of Mathematics, Science, and Health Sciences.

For more information on the new bachelor’s degree in biology, and all other bachelor’s and associate’s degrees offered at RSU, call (918) 343-7546 or 1-800-256-7511.