RSU Art Exhibit Features Thirty Years of Splattered Paint

Dried, splattered paint on easels and desks is de rigueur for any mature art studio, one whose walls can tell the stories of struggling artists through the mess they left behind. Such is the case with the art studio at Rogers State University, where students have been splattering paint for more than 30 years. Now three decades of accumulated paint drippings are the focus of a special exhibition at the university’s gallery.

The exhibition features the work of Don Emrick, an art instructor at RSU, who took photographs of dried paint on various flat surfaces in the studio, digitally enhanced the images and pieced them together into large, abstract “paintings.”

The exhibition, titled “Media Mixes,” will be held from Jan. 13 through Feb. 4 in Foundations Gallery, located in Baird Hall on the RSU campus in Claremore.

The show also will feature the mixed media work of Mary Jane Porter, who combined painting, photographs and found items into several collages.

Both artists have served as adjunct instructors in the art department at RSU and enjoy an established presence in the Tulsa art scene.

Gallery hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. For more information, call the RSU Department of Communications and Fine Arts at (918) 343-7740.