RSU Announces New Institutional Logo

Rogers State University has announced the adoption of a new institutional logo, developed to provide a visual identity for the university and its academic programs.

The new logo will brand the entire institution and will take its place alongside the popular Hillcat logo, which serves as the university’s athletics and spirit logo.

“We believe this new logo projects a more accurate and dynamic image of the university and captures the essence of the institution,” said RSU President Dr. Joe Wiley.

The logo was developed by the Cubic Agency of Tulsa, in tandem with the university’s public relations office, after several months of market research, including focus groups of area high school students, interviews with RSU students, faculty and staff, and surveys of high school guidance counselors across the state.

The logo features a line drawing of a cornice of Meyer Hall – one of the university’s oldest buildings. The cornice reaches skyward, projecting an image of strength, optimism and progression, said Brent Ortolani, RSU director of public relations. The cornice is distinguished by architectural detail and is supported by a Greek-inspired column. Similar columns can be found adorning other campus buildings. To the right of the drawing are the words “Rogers State” on the top, in red, and “University,” on the bottom, appearing in reverse in a blue box. The logo typeface is a form of Garamond.

“The words ‘Rogers State’ in red highlights the name of the institution and projects its dynamic and progressive nature. “University,” grounded in a blue foundation, depicts the institution’s history and philosophy of providing an educational foundation in the arts and sciences,” Ortolani said.

The new logo and its alternate versions can be viewed on the university’s web site,, along with downloadable files and policies governing their use.