RSU Announces Graduation Guarantee

Rogers State University has announced its new Graduation Guarantee – a program ensuring that students can complete their bachelor’s degrees in four years and associate’s degrees in two years provided they follow a specific graduation plan.

The Graduation Guarantee currently is available to students who enroll in bachelor’s degree and associate’s degree programs at RSU.

“The new Graduation Guarantee will assist students in graduating in four or two years, depending upon their degree,” said RSU President Dr. Joe Wiley. “If a class is unavailable, the university will make other arrangements to allow them to graduate on time, or offer them free tuition to take the class at a later date.”

The student’s part of the bargain is to adhere to the Graduation Guarantee Plan.

To qualify for the guarantee, students must enter RSU as freshmen and select a major area of study that qualifies for the four-year or two-year plan. Each semester, students must complete a minimum of one-eighth of total credits required for the bachelor’s degree, or one-fourth of total credits for the associate’s degree.

In addition, students participating in the guarantee must meet regularly with their advisers. Students must take the classes they need when they are available. They must remain in good academic standing, and accept responsibility for submitting financial aid applications on time.

If the student changes his or her major, they will qualify for the guarantee only if the change does not interrupt the four or two-year track.

The university’s part of the bargain is to provide academic advising to all students to help them graduate on time, and to provide all classes necessary for graduation.

If RSU is unable to offer a class that a student requires to graduate, the university may allow the student to graduate on time by substituting another class, by offering an independent study assignment, or by waiving the class requirement. In the event the university is unable to provide the needed class and the student is unable to graduate in the specified time, the university will pay the student’s tuition to take the class during a later semester.

For more information on RSU’s Graduation Guarantee, or other RSU programs, call 343-7546 or 1-800-256-7511.