RSU Alumni Serve and Protect

girl holding badge standing next to man

Amanda Mathews, BSJA ’20 receives badge from Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations

An officer of the law swears an oath to serve and protect society from individuals who choose not to abide by the law. Wearing the badge is a symbol of authority, but it is also a symbol of hope to protect the innocent. Rogers State University is educating heroes, and it’s a calling only the best can answer.

Amanda Mathews Ford (’20) and Emily Mathews (’15) graduates of the Justice and Technology Department at RSU, now serve Oklahoma as they stand for the blue line of justice every day.

“Amanda and Emily are upstanding women who embrace the magnitude of the decision making that accompanies one who acts with full authority while respecting individual rights. They wholeheartedly personify the mission of the RSU criminal justice degree programs,” Associate Professor Dr. Diana Clayton.

Amanda is the first RSU graduate hired by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations. Prior to her newest appointment, she invested several years on the ground as a police officer for the Coweta Police Department learning from seasoned officers and refining her law enforcement skills.

Emily spent her early career with the Sand Springs Police Department. She graduated from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol academy on July 16 and looks forward to a new chapter.

“Although the Mathews sisters studied at different points of time, both were similar in being outstanding students. They are bright, well-prepared, mature decision-makers and dedicated themselves to becoming the best criminal justice professional they could be,” Clayton said. “Both have a firm, yet calming, demeanor that conveys confidence and leadership which are attributes essential within the law enforcement community that can quickly become uncertain and very dangerous.”

RSU criminal justice graduates have a strong academic foundation that yields a working knowledge of the law on which the criminal justice system is built. Academic peers recognize the quality of RSU’s programs through the standard measures of the percentage of hired graduates and other measures of retention and persistence.

“If we teach students to responsibly exercise authority of the job, to embody the constitutional rights and protections while responding to often dangerous and revolting situations as well as rewarding and inherently satisfying interactions, nothing can compare to the rewarding study of criminal justice in preparation for a career in law and justice,” Clayton said.

Students in the criminal justice program gain strong foundations in both law enforcement and judiciary practice. Program specialization can certify students to work as police officers or prepare them to attend top graduate schools.

The Bachelor of Science in Justice Administration include options in Law/Justice, Cybersecurity Investigations and the College Officer Program. To protect and serve, there’s nothing more important than that.