President Rice’s Message to Campus Community

Last evening brought home to our campus a tragic incident that resulted in a loss of one man’s life in an apparent suicide when an off-campus domestic dispute spilled onto our property. While this was a terrible tragedy, we are blessed that no member of the RSU family was injured during the incident.

We have been working directly with the student who was involved in the domestic dispute, as well as other students who were impacted by the incident. We provided counseling services to our students and have pledged all our resources to assist them during this difficult time.

I encourage anyone who was affected to seek counseling assistance. If a student wants to visit with a counselor in person this weekend, they may email RSU counselor Andrea Schroyer at [email protected] to schedule a personal counseling session. Anyone else who needs immediate counseling or after-hours assistance is encouraged to call the 24-hour Grand Lake Mental Health Center Crisis Line at 1-800-722-3611.

As of this morning, all campus operations have returned to regular schedules.

I express my sincere gratitude to the many law enforcement agencies that responded quickly, secured our campus and helped ensure the safety of the RSU family. Also, I deeply appreciate all members of the RSU family and community members who responded last night and selflessly pitched in to address our many needs during the situation.

I thank everyone who shared their thoughts and prayers for the RSU family during this tough time.

Larry Rice

More information on the incident.