Prep Hall Closed Friday

University officials have announced that offices in Preparatory Hall will be closed on Friday due to damage to the campus geothermal line that provides cooling to the building.

With temperatures expected approaching 100 again on Friday, officials determined Prep Hall offices would not be safe for faculty and staff to remain throughout the day. Outside contractors will be repairing the geothermal lines over the weekend, and Prep Hall is expected to reopen on Monday.

University officials on Friday will monitor conditions in other campus buildings (Baird Hall, Centennial Center, and Meyer Hall) that receive cooling from those geothermal lines and would close additional buildings, if conditions warrant.

The water line issue that caused portions of campus to be without water on Thursday are reportedly fixed, so all campus building should have water on Friday.

Should conditions change, the university will notify the campus community via email, the RSU website and RSU social media channels.