Posters from World-famous Dutch Design Festival Hanging in Foundations Gallery

Works from Graphic Design Festival Breda, one of the world’s most prestigious design events, are hanging in the Foundations Gallery on Rogers State University’s Claremore campus through Oct. 25.

GDFB, a biannual event held in the Dutch city of Breda, asked some of the world’s best designers to create posters that play on the theme, “Greed is out. Empathy is in.” 

The results were nothing short of astonishing, as artists created works ranging from brain-twisting absurdities to cheeky, visual puns.  Included in the exhibit are works by James Victore, Freshco and Alfons Hooikas.  

Visitors with smart phones can take in the artwork while browsing a special ebook that explains many of the pieces and includes biographies on the artists. 

“We want our students to do more than just learn the mechanics of graphic design, we want them to be inspired to create great art,” said Associate Professor Denny Schmickle, head of the Fine Arts Department.

“These posters show what’s possible, what happens when the best designers in the world are given an open invitation to really stretch themselves visually and creatively. Many of pieces they produced are really challenging for the viewer, as well.” 

The Foundations Gallery is open 8 a.m.. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The exhibition is free and open to the public.

For more information about art and graphic design at RSU, visit the Fine Arts Department.