‘Patchwork Dreams and Colorful Things’ Art Exhibit Grand Opening Thursday, March 9, at RSU

colorful artworkThe grand opening for a new exhibit showcasing the artwork of six Oklahoma-based female artists will be held from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday, March 9, at the Gary Moeller Gallery of the Arts in Baird Hall at Rogers State University.

The exhibit, titled “Patchwork Dreams and Colorful Things,” highlights the works of Rebecca Gaines, Lizzie DiSilvestro, Sara Bost Fisher, Rachel Hayes, Wendeline Matson and Kelsey Royce in a collection that evokes happiness, nostalgia and introspection through the exploration of line, color, form, texture and material.

“I selected artists whose work I personally love, that span a wide range of styles, experience and education with pieces that are stitched together with the common threads of personal experience, emotion and thoughtfulness,” said curator Rebecca Surber-Cantu.

Each artist brings something unique to the exhibit, Surber-Cantu said.

“Lizzie DiSilvestro weaves fibers together in textured wall hangings and creates tonal abstract paintings that calm the eye and evoke contemplation, while Sara Bost Fisher’s art inspires a sense of playfulness and joy in her large-scale abstract art and a little taste of sweetness in her smaller works,” she said. “Rebecca Gaines is a versatile artist who effortlessly moves through various styles and techniques in their art that is inspired by their extensive travels and world around us.

“Rachel Hayes’s typically large-scale work is a tapestry of shapes and colors that are best experienced viewed from all angles and bring a sense of lightness and wonder to their environment,” she continued. “Wendeline Matson is a painter who creates whimsical and layered works that reveal and conceal as one reflects on childhood memories and cultural moments into their abstracted still life paintings.

“Lastly is Kelsey Royce, a talented visual artist whose high contrast artworks not only explore beautiful and interesting faces, shapes and forms, but pull you down to their level and compel you to look at yourself reflected in them,” she said. “I hope each (exhibit) viewer finds a little bit of themselves reflected in each of these phenomenal artists.”

“Patchwork Dreams and Colorful Things” will run through Friday, March 24.

RSU’s Department of Fine Arts offers degrees in visual arts and Native American studies with minors in fine arts. Rogers State University also has an active Student Arts Association, through which RSU students come together to celebrate artistic expression, promote the study of art and complete community service projects.

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