‘Lean’ Manufacturing Simulation To Be Held at RSU June 14

Manufacturing companies seeking to increase productivity, improve on-time delivery and increase profits are invited to attend the “Lean Manufacturing Simulation” on Thursday, June 14, at Rogers State University.

The workshop is co-sponsored by RSU Office of Continuing Education and the Oklahoma Alliance for Manufacturing Excellence, Inc., and is made available by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, developers of the “Lean Manufacturing Strategy.”

Those attending will learn how to reduce manufacturing cycle time up to 90 percent, reduce work in process up to 90 percent, improve quality up to 50 percent, and reduce floor space up to 75 percent, according to Bill Shortridge, Manufacturing Extension Agent with the Oklahoma Alliance for Manufacturing Excellence.

The workshop is limited to 18 people and is a combination of classroom instruction and a live practical simulation.

Anyone who is responsible for implementing process improvement in an organization may be interested in attending.

The workshop will be held from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in Rooms 226 and 236 of RSU’s Health Sciences Building. The cost is $195 per person, or $165 each for three or more employees from one company. The cost includes books, classroom materials and lunch.

For more information, contact the RSU Office of Continuing Education at (918) 343-7509 or the Oklahoma Alliance for Manufacturing Excellence at (918) 342-4793.