Dr. Lori O’Malley Elected President of Oklahoma Counseling Association

Dr. Lori O'Malley

Dr. Lori O’Malley, Assistant Professor

Rogers State University Assistant Professor Dr. Lori O’Malley was recently elected president of the Oklahoma Counseling Association. As president, Dr. O’Malley will lead a team of statewide officers in five regions.

“This role will allow me the opportunity to engage with professionals in offering training on innovative counseling techniques as well as regularly interact with colleagues in the field,” O’Malley said.

Dr. O’Malley joined the RSU faculty in 2016 and brought years of expertise to the classroom. Her partnership with the Oklahoma Board of Behavioral Health Licensing will allow her to bring new techniques and information to the students in the Community Counseling and Psychology programs at RSU.

“Sharing the lessons learned throughout my career provides real life examples to course materials. I think the students appreciate that aspect,” O’Malley said.

Dr. O’Malley has developed her own training programs for License Professional Counselors including supervision of those seeking licensure. She has also served as an expert witness in two murder trials. The best part about higher education for Dr. O’Malley is seeing the connection the students make during a lesson.

“Being a part of the growth process for students is rewarding. It makes me smile, and it challenges me to do the best I can in providing information and coaching in their higher education journey,” O’Malley said.

While counseling is beneficial for everyone, O’Malley’s career choice has provided purpose in her own life.

“Being a counselor has allowed me to help others lead more fulfilling lives which has, in turn, provided profound meaning to my own,” O’Malley said.

The Oklahoma Counseling Association was founded in 1964 to establish a network of professionals providing counseling services within the state of Oklahoma. Members serve as a resource to each other as consultants and colleagues while also providing continuing education and skills updates.