Dr. Juliet Evusa

Name: Dr. Juliet Evusa

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: 918-343-7677

Title: Professor

Department: Communications

Office: Baird Hall, Room 221B

Dr. Juliet EvusaTeaching Objective

An educator, my role is to raise students’ interests in the subject, to enlighten their way of thinking, to ultimately train them to become effective and independent learners, and most importantly help them develop critical thinking and research skills that will serve them regardless of their educational or career path.


Ph.D. in Communications (2005)
College of Communications, Media Studies
Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
Dissertation: Information Communication Technologies as Tools for Socio-economic and Political Development: Huruma Community Tele-Center Case Study.

Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies (1999)
Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

M.A Communications (1999)
School of Telecommunications, Media Studies
Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

M.A International Affairs (1998)
Center for International Services
Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

B.A Sociology (1993)
Department of Sociology
Maharaja Sayajirao University (MSU) of Baroda, India: First Class Honors

Teaching Experience

Professor of Media Studies (2005 to Present)
Department of Communications
Rogers State University, Claremore, Oklahoma.

Adjunct Faculty of Media Studies (2000-2001)
School of Telecommunications, Ohio University

High School Faculty, Department of English and Literature (1988-1989)
Kapsenge’re High School, Kenya.

Professional Experience

Program Coordinator (1999-2002)
Department of Minority Graduate Student Affairs, Ohio University, Athens Ohio
Responsibilities: Planned, implemented, and evaluated visitation programs; Developed networking systems with personnel that identified prospective students; Managed recruitment stipend; Coordinated recruitment workshops, seminars, fairs, etc. on/off-campus.

Foreign Exchange Personnel (1995-1997)
Cooperative Bank of Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya
Responsibilities: Conducted foreign exchange retail transactions; processed fixed deposit accounts; monitored the operations of correct accounting procedures; etc.

Social Development Officer (1994-1995)
Ministry of Cultural & Social Services, Nairobi, Kenya
Responsibilities: Facilitated local socio-economic development initiatives; Acted as a liaison between government and local/international non-governmental organizations; Identified viable and sustainable community projects; Co-ordinated regular meetings with communities on objectives and success of community projects; etc.

Administrative Personnel (1993-1994)
Florida Group of Companies, Nairobi, Kenya
Responsibilities: Maintained records and reports; Planned and provided training for employees; Conducted hiring processes of prospective employees, etc.

Research/Production Assistant (1998-2000)
Ohio University, School of Telecommunication
Documentary: Afrika Tusioijua (Africa the Unknown) Radio Series aired on WOUB Athens, OH.

Assistant Producer (1993-1994)
Kenya Television Network (KTN)
Documentary: The Plight of Kenyan Students in India aired on KTN Nairobi, Kenya.

Graduate Assistant (1992-1994)
Department of Sociology, Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya
Research Project: Correlation between ‘Matatus’ (Kenya’s Private Transportation System) and The Rate of Female High School Dropouts.

Area of Teaching

  • Communication Research Methods: COMM 3613 (Fall 2010 to present).
  • Communication Theory: COMM 3833 (Fall 2008).
  • Corporation Communication Internship: COMM 4283 (Summer 2008).
  • Global Communication: COMM 4163 (Fall 2005 to present).
  • Independent Study: SP 3900 (Fall 2008 to present).
  • Introduction to Mass Communication: COMM 1003 (Fall 2005 to 2007).
  • Mass Media Communication: COMM 3613 (Fall 2007 and 2008).
  • Research Methods 1: Research Designs SBS 3013 (Spring 2007).
  • Senior Capstone: COMM 4193 (Spring 2010 to 2014).
  • Small-Group Communication: COMM 2723 (Spring 2009).
  • Speech Communication: SPCH 1113 (Fall/Spring/Summer 2005 – to present).
  • Women & Minorities in the Media: COMM 4323 (Spring 2006 to present).


Organized Research Grant: 

2015 Rogers State University’s Organized Research Grant: Funded research travel to Western Kenya.  Met distinguished scholars, dignitaries, teachers, non-profit organizations, villagers, privileged and underprivileged girls and their families, and representatives from Kenya’s Ministry of Education.

Multicultural Committee Grant:

2012, 2015, and 2016: Worked in conjunction with Rogers State University’s Multi-cultural/Diversity Committee to secure funds that enhanced programming and offset costs for Martin Luther King’s Week of Events.


Evusa, J. (2019). An outsider within: A culmination of a multi-faceted journey. In, Voices from the heartland volume II (pp.47-59). S. Beam, E. Dial-Diver, R. Askew, & J. Evusa (Eds), University of Oklahoma Press, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Evusa, J. (2015). Girls and boys stay in with the media. In Children’s and YA books in the College Classroom (p.220-236). S. Beam, E. Dial-Diver, & J. Ford (Eds), McFarland & Company, Inc., Jefferson, North Carolina.

Evusa, J. (2008). The state of children programming in Kenya. In African media African children Yearbook (pp.207-218). N. Pecora, E. Osei-Hwere & U. Carlson (Eds.).  Nordicom, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Evusa, J. (2003). The feminization of new information communication technologies for socio-economic development in Africa. In Science and technology in Africa. (pp. 267-291). P. T. Zeleze, & I. Kakoma (Eds.).  Trenton, NJ: Africa World Press Inc.

Evusa, J. (July 1999). Women as victims and vessels of HIV/AIDs in East Africa. In the Drum Beat, 24 (16). Retrieved from http://www.comminit.com/papers/p_0028.html.

Conference Presentations

Evusa, J. (2019, November). Voices from the Heartland: Volume II. Panel Discussion presented at 2019 OSTCA Conference, Rogers State University Claremore, Oklahoma.

Evusa, J. (2017, September). Experiences of Western Kenya’s underprivileged high schoolers: A video ethnography. Paper presented at the 2017 OSTCA Conference, East Central University Ada, Oklahoma.

Evusa, J. (2017, April). Disney’s inclusion of the first African American princess faces criticism. Paper presented at the PCA/ACA National Conference, San Diego, California.

Evusa, J. (2016, March). Using indigenous children literature in Kenyan schools. Paper presented at the PCA/ACA National Conference, Seattle, Washington.

Evusa, J. (2015, November). Panel: Mentoring for service embracing opportunities in helping faculty define and participate in academic and professional service. Paper presented at the National Communications Association Convention, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Evusa, J. (2015, September). Using John Dewey’s ‘Reflective Thinking Process’ in School Group Activities.Paper presented at the OSTCA/OSSAA/OBEA Convention, Northeastern State University, Oklahoma.

Evusa, J. (2015, April). Girls and Boys Stay in with Media. Paper presented at the Popular Culture Association Convention, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Evusa, J. (2013, September). Providing Real-Life Work Experience for Graduating Communication Seniors. Paper resented at the OSTCA/OSSAA/OBEA Convention, Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma.

Evusa, J. (2012, September). Advantages of Weaving Service Learning in Senior Capstone Courses. Paper presented at the OSTCA/OSSAA/OBEA Convention, Oklahoma City Community College, Oklahoma.

Evusa, J. (2012, April). Social Media and Democratic Change. Paper presented at the 82nd Annual Southern States Association Conference, St. Anthony Riverwalk Wyndham Hotel, San Antonio.

Evusa, J. (2011, September). A Correlation Analysis of the Extent New Social Media Has Played in Stimulating Democracy in Sub-Saharan Africa. Paper presented at the OSTCA/OSSAA/OBEA Convention, Oklahoma City Community College, Oklahoma.

Evusa, J. (2010, September). African Traditions Meets Modern Information Technology: Unconventional Ways of Leapfrogging the Technological Divide. Paper presented at the OSTCA/OSSAA/OBEA Convention, Rogers State University, Claremore, Oklahoma.

Evusa, J. (2009, April). Crossing Ideologies for Olympic: The Intercultural Dilemma of Kenya Athletes. Paper presented at the 79th Annual Southern States Association Conference, Marriot Norfolk Waterside, Norfolk, Virginia.

Evusa, J. (2008, September). Will global popular cultural products affect the diverse cultures of Anglo-Speaking African Nations? Paper presented at the OSTCA/OSSAA/OBEA Convention, Eastern State University, Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

Evusa, J. (2008, June). Depictions of the Role and Practice of Witchcraft in Buffy and the Contemporary African Community: A Comparative Scrutiny. Paper presented at the Slayage Conference on the Whendonverses 3: Henderson State University, Arkadelphia, Arkansas, USA.

Evusa, J. (2007, September). Breaking the Culture of Silence: A Thematic and Critical Analysis of Female Genital Mutilation Debates across the Media. Paper presented at the Oklahoma Speech Theater Communication Association, Nazarene University, Bethany, Oklahoma.

Evusa, J. (2006, September). Are Community Telecentres a Practicable Strategy for Providing Universal Access to Marginalized Groups? A Case Study of Kenya’s Huruma Community Telecentre. Paper presented at the 6th Annual Global Fusion Conference, Chicago, Illinois.

Evusa, J. (2006, September). Should Young Women Theorize Their Feminisms? A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Perceptions of Women from the U.S, Africa, and the African Diaspora. Paper presented at the Oklahoma Speech Theater Communication Association Convention, Nazarene University, Bethany, Oklahoma.

Evusa, J. (2004, April). Engaging Africana Studies: Production, Control, and Dissemination of Knowledge in Africa and the African Diaspora: The Impact of Cyber-culture and Information Technology. Paper presented at the New York African Studies Association Annual Conference, Eastern Connecticut State University.

Evusa, J. (2001, April). The Feminization of New Information Communication Technologies for Socio-Economic Empowerment. Paper presented at the Technology and Development Symposium: Center for African Studies and the College of Engineering, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Evusa, J. (2001, April). Alternative Initiatives to Female Genital Mutilation.  Presented at the Children of the World Risk and Hope Conference, Center for African Studies, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. 

Evusa, J. (2000, June). African Women NGOs Demystifying ICTs for Socio-economic empowerment. Presented at the Internet and National Cultures: Problems and Prospects, Center for African Studies, Ohio State University. 

Evusa, J. (2000, March). African Women and the Internet: A Uses and Gratifications Study. Panel: Issues in the Electronic Age. Paper presented at the AEJMC: International Media 2000, Ohio University Scripps School of Journalism, Athens, Ohio.

Evusa, J. (2000, November). The impact of Mass Media: Growing up in Kenya.  Paper resented at the National Comm. Association, Chicago, Illinois.

Evusa, J. (1998, March). The Plight of Refugees in Africa. Paper presented at the 19th Annual National Model, Organization of African Unity: Howard University Blackburn Center Washington, D.C. 

Service to the Profession and Community


  • President, OSTCA (Oklahoma Speech & Theater Communication Association) fall, 2019.
  • Ad-hoc Member, OSTCA (Oklahoma Speech & Theater Communication Association) since 2011
  • Awards Committee Chair, OSTCA (2011-2012).
  • Member, Tulsa Chapter of the Association of Women in Communication (2005-2006).
  • Member, Southern States Association Conference (since 2009)
  • Member, Global Fusion Conference (2006-2010)
  • Member, Association for African Studies (1998-2005).
  • Member, National Communication Association (1998-2005 & 2015).


  • Member, Martin Luther King (MLK) Task Force AKA Diversity Committee (Since 2005).
  • Member, RSU Public Television Community Advisory Board (2006-2013).
  • Member, Tulsa Urban League (2005).


  • 2014 Pixley Faculty Senate Recognition Award for Excellence, Rogers State University
  • 2014 Faculty Senate Recognition Award for Excellence in Service from the School of Liberal Arts, Rogers State University
  • 2008 Certificate of Excellence for Exceptional Academic Performance, Ohio University Athens