Cassie Landers Joins RSU as New Career Services Coordinator

Meet Cassie Landers! She is RSU’s new Career Services Coordinator. She became part of our Hillcat family on January 4. She holds a bachelor’s degree and Master of Science in human development and family science from Oklahoma State University.

With a background in early childhood education, she loves working with students to guide them on their educational journey.

“I applied for the Career Services position because I am excited to get the opportunity to work with an older population of students and learn alongside as they prepare for the next wave of their future,” Landers said.

Her expertise in communication and relationship development will aid in her success in this new role.

“I believe spending time getting to know our students will greatly impact my ability to advise and direct them in their future. Our students are encountering a new phase of the work force and I believe my ability to stay current and flexible will be an asset to their career advising,” Landers said.

After touring RSU’s campus through Leadership Rogers County, Landers new there was a lot to love about the hill.

“I knew this university was offering something special; working here proves no different. My colleagues have welcomed me with open arms and within my first week of working I had five different meetings with faculty and staff introducing themselves and opening the line of communication for future collaborations,” Landers said.

The Fort Gibson native enjoys outdoor activities, including camping, hiking, mountain biking and floating down the Illinois River. Please welcome Cassie to the hill!