Author of New Mystery Novel Remains a Mystery

A new mystery novel has been authored by a faculty member at Rogers State University. However, the name of the author remains a mystery.

Nathan Reynolds is both the pseudonym and protagonist of “The Black Valise,” published by Bigelow, Frazier and Hutch. The book is available beginning today at the RSU Bookstore, located in the Centennial Center on the main campus in Claremore.

“The author asked me to read the manuscript and I was so impressed I encouraged him (or her) to get it published,” said Quentin Taylor, associate professor in the RSU Department of History and Political Science.

All that Taylor will reveal is that the author is a member of the faculty of the RSU School of Liberal Arts.

“The author has asked me to serve as his or her representative in order to remain anonymous,” Taylor said.

Set in the 1870s, in a fictitious Anglo-America still dependent on the British Crown, the novel chronicles a secret society known as the Long Pagan Knights. Reynolds is an adventurous attorney who infiltrates the group in an attempt to expose cases of blackmail and fraud, but slowly becomes its pawn.

“On the surface, it’s a mystery novel, full of intrigue and adventure” Taylor said. “But it’s really a work of irony and satire. That’s what sets it apart and makes it interesting for the sophisticated reader.”

Taylor indicated the author would become known to the public at some point during the spring semester.