Area Students Shine in Inaugural AeroGames Competition Hosted by Google, Rogers State

Twenty-five student teams from 15 area schools competed in various aerospace-related challenges as part of the inaugural AeroGames competition, held Saturday, Nov. 3 at Rogers State University.

Nearly 150 students participated in eight different competitions, each of which was designed to encourage them to use their science, technology and math skills. The hands-on events featured gliders, wind-powered rockets, remote-controlled helicopters, and other wind and aerospace-related objects.

Google, RSU and the Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium (TASM) teamed up to offer the fun, interactive learning experience for Oklahoma students at no cost to schools.

High school teams included Adair, Berryhill, Sperry, Edison Preparatory, Lacombe Homeschool, Owasso, Tahlequah and Tulsa Engineering Academy at Memorial High School. Middle schools sending teams included Claremore Sequoyah, Memorial Junior High, Oologah, Pryor, Union 8th Grade, Wells (Catoosa) and Woodall.

The students also had the opportunity to interact and listen to the keynote speaker, Tracy Drain, a mechanical engineer with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab.

The winners in each of the middle school events were:

  • Radio-Controlled Helicopters: 1st, Woodall Middle School, Team C; 2nd, Pryor Junior High School; 3rd Sequoyah Middle School, Team 2.
  • Bushyhead Block Cars: 1st, Oologah Middle School; 2nd, Pryor Junior High School; 3rd, Memorial Junior High School.
  • AERO Gliders: 1st, Wells Middle School, Team 2; 2nd, Woodall Middle School, Team D; 3rd, Woodall Middle School, Team C.
  • Hot Air Balloons: 1st, Woodall Middle School, Team A; 2nd, Pryor Junior High; 3rd, Wells Middle School, Team B.
  • Special awards were given in the middle school teams in the following categories: design, Pryor Junior High School; engineering, Wells Middle School, Team 2; and spirit, Sequoyah Middle School, Team 1.

The winners in each of the high school events were:

  • Radio-Controlled Airplanes: 1st, Memorial High School, Team 2; 2nd Sperry High School; 3rd, Edison Preparatory, Team 1.
  • Baird Blimps: 1st, Memorial High School, Team 1; 2nd, Memorial High School, Team 2; 3rd, Edison Preparatory, Team 3.
  • Wind Tunnel Wings: 1st, Edison Preparatory, Team 1; 2nd, Tahlequah High School; 3rd: Memorial High School, Team 1.
  • Rotunda Rockets: 1st, Owasso High School; 2nd, Edison Preparatory, Team 3; 3rd, Adair High School.
  • Special awards in the high school teams categories were: design, Owasso High School; engineering, Memorial High School, Team 1; and spirit, Owasso High School.

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