Anonymous Donations Fund Flooring Project at RSU Library

students studying in library

Rogers State University’s Stratton Taylor Library will be getting new carpeting this summer, thanks to two sizable donations to the RSU Foundation.

According to Library Director Kaitlin Crotty, the project was made possible through two separate $50,000 donations to the Foundation to benefit the library.

“Two years ago, the library received an anonymous $50,000 donation to our Foundation account,” Crotty said. “The donor had wanted us to have the opportunity to power wash the library’s exterior and purchase carpet and furniture as deemed needed – we were beyond thrilled.”

Although the donation was sufficient for the exterior wash, not enough was left to address the need for new carpeting or furniture.

“The carpeting in the library is the same carpet it had when the building first opened in 2004 and there are several areas which show signs of heavy traffic, wear and tear, and even some stains,” Crotty said. “As thrilled as we were to get the donation (in 2022), there weren’t enough funds left after the power washing and other exterior touch-ups to address the need for carpeting.”

Help came with another donation of the same amount — $50,000 – to benefit the library, this time during RSU’s 2023 Giving Week.

“(Vice-President for Development) Steve (Valencia) called and asked if we were able to get our flooring done,” she said. “I told him that we weren’t because, for as generous as the previous donation was, there wasn’t enough left after the power washing, etc. to fund the carpet replacement. He then told me we received another donation – one which, with additional funding from RSU, gave us enough to undertake the carpet replacement.”

Scheduled to begin July 14, the re-carpeting project will entail the library’s instruction room, and several other areas, with an expected completion time of two to two and a half weeks.

“Normally, a project like this wouldn’t take so long, but because it involves moving the shelves, it takes longer – the physical plant contracted with a project management company to identify a company that specializes in moving libraries with very specialized equipment,” Crotty said.

Total carpeting purchased for the project is 1,240 square yards.

During the project the library’s third floor will be closed to the public, but materials from that floor can be obtained by library staff, provided those materials aren’t on a shelf currently being moved.

“This is a big project – one that’s been needed for a long time, and we’re so, so thankful to the very generous anonymous donor who made this possible for us,” she said. “There’s no way this (project) would have been possible without the donations – they are an absolute blessing.”

After the carpeting has been completed, Crotty said the library’s next project will be to replace the furniture, much of which is worn and has been in the library since it opened in 2004.

Giving Week is an annual initiative held by the RSU Foundation designed to inspire alumni, employees and friends to make gifts to the Foundation in support of scholarships and other projects to benefit RSU students.

The RSU Foundation is a 501c3 organization dedicated to supporting the educational mission of the university through private gifts. The Foundation was established in 1973 and works closely with the fund-raising arm of RSU – the Office of Development – to maximize the support of higher education.

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