Josh Mulanax, ’11

Josh MulanaxB.S., Biology (Medical/Molecular)

I was unsure where I wanted to go to college so I applied to many schools. I received acceptance to the OSU honors program with a partial scholarship, a full tuition ride to William Jewell College and acceptance into their honors program, and an almost full tuition to Westminster College in Missouri.

I was very impressed with all of these places, but in the end I chose to move up the hill for many reasons. RSU was close to home. I knew that I wanted to work and raise a family in my home state, so I figured why not go to college here too?

I was offered a full ride in the Honors Program and a place in the President’s Leadership Class. These scholarships would give me not only the time to work and prepare for post graduation, but also allow me to enjoy and take full advantage of the growing atmosphere here. I was an officer in both PLC and the Honors program.

The students, faculty and staff are all very helpful and friendly. I have made many lasting friendships here with students who will go on to be powerful people in many different fields. RSU has some of the best professors you can find anywhere. My professors had a great part in making me the person I am today and taught me many lessons concerning diplomacy, inferiority, submission and patience. The ones that push you to the point of mental exhaustion don’t do it out of spite, they do it because they want you to succeed. I can’t thank them enough for pushing me.

I had an opportunity to study Bioethics in South Korea my junior year. It was my first trip outside the US and it was an experience I will never forget. I learned so much about the US, the world, and myself. I enjoyed it so much that the summer of my senior year I was able study abroad in England. 

I was involved in the Spanish Club and served as president for one semester, which got me interested in Student Government Association where I served as the Treasurer for two years. It taught me valuable lessons on how to talk, teach, and listen to others.

I believe serving others is what I’ve been called to do. Whether its help with homework, professor preferences, study habits or SGA procedures, I love being able to help others. I volunteered on campus and in the community and participated in many on campus activities such as blood drives, Box City, canned food drives, RSU’s got talent, car washes and Hillcamp. I helped remodel the domestic abuse shelter, ran in the Turkey trot, packaged food at the Oklahoma Food Bank and volunteered in the nursery at my church.