Moving Forward Together – A Letter from President Rice

Dear RSU Family,

In this time of discontent, I am reminded we are all neighbors, one community, and one nation. As Will Rogers said, “We will never have true civilization until we have learned to recognize the rights of others.” As Will recognized, we, as a country, are an unfinished masterpiece.  It is incumbent upon each of us, as individuals, citizens, and neighbors, to do our part to finish what was started so many years ago and for which many of our friends, alumni, and family members fought and died. Today, for many of us, our contribution is to reflect and learn from our neighbors and to let them know we stand with them.

While we all have work to do, we at Rogers State University are committed to ensuring  equality for all by fostering a diverse and inclusive environment for every community member. Respect and tolerance can only be achieved through a free and open exchange of ideas. Only in this way, speaking and listening to each other, can we achieve a culture of caring, understanding, and complete the American masterpiece.

Larry Rice,