Girl sitting on arm of chair in lobby of Pryor campus.The Rogers State University Pryor campus is the only university serving the Pryor and Mayes County area.

On average more than 350 students attend the RSU Pryor campus each semester.

Students at RSU Pryor range from high school students getting a jump on their college requirements to adult learners returning to earn a degree or advance in their careers.

The RSU Pryor campus maintains a close alliance with the area public schools, business, and industry.

The RSU Pryor campus has both regular and compressed video classrooms, a computer lab, testing center and science laboratories.

RSU Pryor where you can: Student Services Include: Variety of Classes Include:
  • Start your college career
  • Return to college to get the classes you need
  • Simply learn more about a topic that interests you
  • advisement
  • enrollment
  • financial aid
  • testing
  • student activities
  • library
  • accounting
  • algebra
  • art
  • business
  • composition
  • economics
  • music
  • theatre
  • Spanish
  • and more

Video produced by RSU Communications students.