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    • Donors may give blood every 56 days and if you gave at the last RSU Blood Drive enough time has elapsed! 
    • Please be sure to BRING A PICTURE ID!
    • All donors will receive a t-shirt and can choose from free food and drink for your kind contribution! 

    Blood donated to the Oklahoma Blood Institute stays right in here in Oklahoma to help statewide victims of disasters and accidents, as OBI is a local non-profit blood bank that provides blood for over 90% of the state of Oklahoma’s hospital facilities.  

    You will also receive several health screenings AND you can also sign up for the "Members for Life" program which will allow you online access to test results from the donation including the free cholesterol screening.  The "Members for Life" program also awards points for each donation that can be used to earn various items such as jackets, sweatshirts, gift cards (for Wal-Mart, restaurants, and gas) and other items.  For more information check the OBI website.

    FOR ALL DONORS WHO NEED TO SAVE TIME!  OBI continues in their use of the “Donor Express” program. This can help shave 10-15 minutes off your donation time!  Donor EXPRESS allows you to complete your pre-donation health questions online in the comfort of your home or workplace the day you come in to donate. It will save you the time of answering these questions when you arrive, and it is confidential. To take advantage of this time saving system, here is what you do:

    1. Logon to the OBI Website on the day of your donation
    2. Click on “Donor Express” located on the right side of the homepage
    3. Read the brief information, answer FAQ’s if necessary, then click "Continue”
    4. Check the requirements and fill in the information, then click on “Go to Questionnaire”
    5. Answer the questions and print out your answer sheet (it will be BAR CODES ONLY for confidentiality). It is often easiest to click on “save” which will create a .PDF file that can be printed.
    6. Bring it in for your donation and save time!

    Remember that there is a computer lab in the Centennial Center for your convenience.

    Thank you in advance for your support of the Oklahoma Blood Institute and helping to save lives!



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