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Aero Games

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Aero Games is a competition for middle and high school students to participate in hands-on competitions involving gliders, wind-powered rockets, remote-controlled helicopters, and other wind- and aerospace-related objects.

In an effort to promote science, math, engineering, and technology (STEM) education, Google and RSU have come together to offer a fun, interactive learning experience for Oklahoma students.

It is our mission to unite the northeast Oklahoma community to foster an environment of creative and cooperative learning and to inspire students to excel in these subject areas.


  • Teams can have a maximum of ten students
  • Each team competes in all four events
  • After you register a team you will receive a confirmation from Clarice Doyle (
  • In order to pick up your kit, you will need to show your printed confirmation
  • Kits can be picked up at RSU no earlier than Tuesday, October 16
  • Materials are provided at no cost to schools
  • Unless otherwise noted, all materials will be provided to teams prior to the competition
  • Each team member will receive an Aero Games t-shirt and lunch


Middle School:

  • Airplane Toss: Each team will construct paper airplanes ON-SITE using paper, paperclips, etc.
  • Radio Control Helicopter: Radio control helicopters provided.
  • Hot Air Balloons: Each team will construct a balloon and gondola that will be lifted with hot air from a hair dryer.

High School:

  • Rocket Launch: Each team will build a rocket from a kit and design an air pump for lift.
  • Radio Control Quads: Radio control quads provided.
  • Mylar Blimps: Each team will construct a balloon and gondola that will be lifted with hot air from a hair dryer.
  • Wind Spinners: Each team will design and build foil with provided materials, place in wind tunnel, and see if it will blow out top.

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