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  • Thu
    12:00 pmBaird Hall Performance Studio

    Regents Professor Emeritus of Geography Dr. Jim Norwine of Texas A&M University-Kingsville will speak on the topic of his latest book A World After Climate Change and Culture-Shift, on sale through  The lecture is free to the public and will be held in the Baird Performance Studio on Thursday September 3rd  at 12:00. Following the lecture, Norwine will be signing copies of the book that will be available for purchase. This event is sponsored by the RSU Departments of Biology and Mathematics and Physical Science. 

    Now a retired resident of Rogers County, Norwine taught at Texas A&M-Kingsville for 40 years, from 1972 to 2012. He maintains his research work on the earth’s climate, a passion since the 1960s, when he wrote a cover article for the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society termed “ground-breaking”. When Norwine arrived at A&M-Kingsville, he narrowed his climate study to the regional climate and climate changes of South Texas and similar semi-arid regions. 

    For Norwine, a geographer was meant to study the interaction between humans and nature, and he felt climate was “an example par excellence” of this intermingling. Climate is a long-term measurement of weather that can be marked over generations, and millennia. Norwine states that at the start of his climatology studies, scholars tended to view climate as more or less fixed or constant. The point of view has evolved, Norwine said, to reflect that Earth’s climate is dynamic—locally, regionally and even globally. 

    There are natural climate changes cited by Norwine that include the sun’s output, volcanic activity and extreme extinction-level events, like the asteroid strike that ended the age of dinosaurs 65 million years ago. But it’s the anthropogenic—or human-cause—global warming changes mentioned more frequently in the news, and Norwine supports their influence. In particular, how the use of fossil fuels—especially over the last 75 years—has raised the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to its highest level in two million years. This “greenhouse gas” absorbs sunlight and contributes to a warmer earth, according to Norwine. 

    The lecture will draw from articles featured in Norwine’s book. Those articles are written by an international team of environmental and social scientists, who describe the current state of climate change, and the possible effects of those changes on Earth and humankind into the 22ndcentury. What’s more, the book examines what Norwine terms as an emerging, major “culture-shift” responsible for the current controversy that surrounds climate change. The new values of typically younger “progressives” – toleration, choice, personal lifestyle and environmental well-being – are clashing with “traditionalists” and their values of family and duty. The result, Norwine said, is a situation in which agreeing about any major challenge, be it climate change, terrorism or economics, becomes extremely difficult. 

  • Fri

    Financial aid charges close at the bookstore.

  • Mon
    All Day

    All campuses closed.

  • Tue
    12:00 pmRSU Pryor Auditorium

    The News On 6 meteorologists will give a presentation on tornadoes and severe weather at noon in the RSU Pryor Auditorium.

    Get more details about the event.

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