Critical and creative thought are both achievements of thought.

Diagram: General Education in middle circle linked to circles around it including: Critical and creative thinking, cultures and the natural world, effective communication, human experience and global diversity, civic engagement and ethical reasoning.

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The very definition of the word “creative” implies a critical component (having or showing imagination and artistic or intellectual inventiveness).

  • Creativity masters a process of making or producing
  • Criticality is a process of assessing or judging

When engaged in high-quality thought, the mind must simultaneously produce and assess, both generate and judge the products it fabricates.

In short, sound thinking requires both imagination and intellectual standards; creativity and criticality can be separated only artificially.

Rogers State University strives to teach, challenge, and assess its learners in their ability to engage challenges with critical and creative thought practices.

“The critical and creative functions of the mind are so interwoven that neither can be separated from the other without an essential loss to both” (Paul & Elder, 2006).


Our mission at Rogers State University is to ensure students develop the skills and knowledge required to achieve professional and personal goals in dynamic local and global communities.

In support of this mission, RSU graduates should be able to:

  1. think critically and creatively,
  2. acquire, analyze, and evaluate knowledge of human cultures and the physical and natural world,
  3. use written, oral, and visual communication effectively,
  4. develop an individual perspective on the human experience, and demonstrate an understanding of diverse perspectives and values, and
  5. demonstrate civic knowledge and engagement, ethical reasoning, and skills for lifelong learning.

In keeping with this mission, the General Education Committee will, on an annual basis, highlight one of the above outcomes. The 2016-2017 academic year is the year of Thinking Critically and Creatively but what is Critical and Creative Thought?

Paul, R. & Elder, L (2006). Critical Thinking: The Nature of Critical and Creative Thought. Journal of Developmental Education. 30(2).

CT Scans

CT Scans = online quizzes that may provide a “diagnostic” measure of your CT skills.

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