The Academic Integrity Committee promotes academic integrity by performing three functions:

  1. hearing complaints and grade appeals filed under the Code of Academic Conduct
  2. consulting with faculty and students about matters pertaining to academic integrity
  3. reviewing the Code of Academic Conduct and proposing changes as needed.

Issues concerning Academic Integrity will be addressed in accordance with the provisions set forth in Title 12 of the Code of Academic Conduct. The committee will submit its recommendations to the Vice President for Academic Affairs


The committee will consist of twelve members: nine full-time faculty members selected by the Committee on Committees (three from each school, including at least one from each department) and three students selected by the Student Government Association. The Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs will be responsible for coordinating the activities and records of the Committee on Academic Integrity; its meetings as a committee of the whole for periodic briefings and updates; its meetings as hearing panels; and all forms, files, and administrative activities related to routine business.

2019-2020 Members:


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