Upon receipt of a recommendation from the following committees and after presentation by the respective chair of that committee, the Academic Council will engage in dialogue and give due consideration of said recommendation:

  • Academic Policy Review Committee
  • Curriculum Committee
  • Assessment Committee
  • Faculty Development Committee

The Academic Council will accept or reject said recommendation on the basis of a simple majority. The chair of the respective committee will not participate in the vote.

If the Academic Council accepts the recommendation, the Vice President will attach his appropriate comments and the recommendation with comments will be forwarded to the President.

If the recommendation is rejected by the Academic Council, and if the conference committee is not rejected by majority vote of the recommending committee, a conference committee will be formed consisting of three members of the Academic Council and three members of the recommending committee selected by the appropriate committee chair.

The conference committee will select a chair and will take the recommendation under advisement. The committee will review the recommendations for alterations, additions, and deletions.

Should the conference committee approve an amended version of the recommendation, it will be sent back to the initiating committee to be accepted or rejected by a majority vote. If accepted, it will be forwarded to the Academic Council. If rejected, the recommendation will not be forwarded to the Academic Council.

Should a majority of the conference committee fail to approve an amended version of the recommendation, the conference committee will report in writing the impasse to both the Academic Council and the initiating committee.

Should the conference committee fail to reach a compromise on a version, or should either the initiating committee or Academic Council fails to accept the amended version from the conference committee, the initiating committee has two alternatives:

  1. Drop the recommendation
    — OR —
  2. Refer the original recommendation to the President for acceptance or rejection. This action requires a two-thirds majority vote of the initiating committee. Such action must be completed within 15 days from the date that the initiating committee or the Academic Council rejected the conference committee’s recommendation or 15 days from the date that the conference committee ceased to exist. The initiating committee’s recommendation to the President will be accompanied by comments and recommendation by the conference committee, by the initiating committee, and by the Academic Council. The President will then make the final decision on the recommendation.