Class instructors may schedule tours of the library, basic library instruction, or customized instruction for their classes. Customized instruction would be a visit or unit that is planned with the faculty member to meet the needs of specific class groups.

Library Assignment Tips for Faculty

Assume Minimal Library Searching Skills:

  • Provide clear instructions about accessing databases or materials
  • Include explanations of unfamiliar terms, such as “scholarly journal”
  • Tie all library research exercises to class projects to increase retention
  • Avoid making assignments requiring many different research tools in the same assignment
  • Schedule a library instruction session tailored to the assignment

Make Assignments Painless:

  • Clarify which research tools students must use, giving the resource’s name, access instructions, and any other information necessary to complete the assignment
  • Distinguish between public websites and sources in library online databases
  • Let students cite the best sources regardless of format, even if they must consult sources in various formats for the project
  • Do not limit students to print resources
  • Monitor topics so students being with a manageable topic rather than a topic that is too broad or narrow


  • Make sure the library owns the material students must consult
  • Make sure required materials have not changed format
  • Put materials on reserve if all students must use them
  • Clarify whether or not the assignment requires library research