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    Hunter the Hillcat Birthday Party

    mascot with birthday cake

    Sweet 16 Birthday Party
    Sep 16 | 1-3 pm | DCTC Ballroom

    It's time to Paww-tay! 

    In September 2005, RSU unveiled the new mascot – Hunter the Hillcat – at a rally with the RSU family and the public. On Sept. 16 from 1-3 p.m., we will celebrate as Hunter turns “sweet 16!”

    The Hillcat was selected by a committee appointed by then-President Wiley and comprised of RSU students, faculty, staff members and alumni. The committee was chaired by Dr. Hugh Foley, assistant professor of communication and one of the nation’s leading experts on school mascots.

    The committee studied a variety of mascots over a period of several months before selecting the Hillcat, a fictitious animal based on the bobcat. The Hillcat was described by the committee as proud, fierce and indicative of the enthusiastic spirit of RSU – which still depicts us today!

    Swing by after lunch or on your way to class. Take a picture with Hunter, enjoy some delicious cake and celebrate our mascot and university history. Hunter may or may not be behind the wheel of a convertible. 😊 You don’t want to miss this fun celebration!