Gary Moeller

Name: Gary Moeller

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: 918-343-7744

Title: Professor

Department: Fine Arts

Office: Baird Hall, Room 217F

Gary MoellerGary Moeller is a Professor in the Department of Fine Arts at Rogers State University.


M.F.A., Painting, Drawing and Art History
University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK

B.F.A., Painting, Drawing and Art History
Southwest Missouri State College, Springfield, MO

Professional Experience

2015-2016, Interim Department Head
2010-2013, Department Head, Department of Fine Arts
2007-2010, Interim Department Head, Department of Fine Arts
2001-Present, Professor of Art
1999-2001, Department Head, Department of Communications & Fine Arts 
1996-1998, Program Coordinator, Art Department
1981-1995: Instructor, Arts & Humanities Division/Director, Art Department/Director, Fine Arts Division (Claremore Junior College)
1979-1981: Instructor of Art, Art Department (Claremore Junior College)
Rogers University, Claremore, OK

Professional Accomplishments

  • Served as juror National Scholastic Art Competition (OK), 2006
  • Member of the Green Country Arts and Humanities Association, 2005-Present
  • Tulsa Artists’ Coalition Gallery, Art Submission Panel (judge), 2005-2006
  • Designed a 128- credit BFA in Visual Art (recently approved), 2003-2006
  • North Central Association Self-Study Coordinator, Rogers State University (As a result RSU was approved for accreditation for the maximum time period of 10-years) Continuous Service: Various institutional and departmental search committees, 2002-2004
  • Oklahoma Outstanding Educators Academy, 2000-2001
  • North Central Association Self-Study Steering Committee, 1999
  • Nominated by Rogers State University’s Liberal Studies Division, 1999, Oklahoma Medal for Excellence in Teaching and Administration, 1998
  • Vice Chairman, Faculty Association, Rogers University, 1998
  • Served as Facilitator and Drawing Instructor for the University of Tulsa, Summer Art Program, Montone, Italy, 1996-2001

Courses Taught

  • Freehand Drawing I & II
  • Watercolor I & II
  • Rock Art
  • Fundamentals of Art
  • Color & Design
  • Life Drawing
  • Art Theory
  • Rock Art Research
  • Painting
  • Art Theory
  • Airbrush Illustration
  • Native American Art/Crafts
  • American Art History
  • Cinema
  • Art History to 1850
  • Western Art History 1400-1850
  • Honors Art Appreciation
  • Women in the Literary and Visual Arts

Professional Affiliations

  • Green Country Arts and Humanities Association
  • RSU New Classroom Building Planning Committee
  • Chairman, Missions & Planning Committee, Rogers State University
  • Chairman, North Central Accreditation Committee, Rogers State University
  • Vice Chairman, Faculty Association, Rogers University
  • Chairman, Faculty Association, Rogers University
  • Provost Search Committee Member, Rogers University
  • Member of Oklahoma Society of Impressionist Painters
  • Project Advisor, Oologah Historical Museum
  • Chairman, Library Committee, Rogers State College
  • Council Member, Faculty/Staff Association, Rogers State College
  • OEA (Oklahoma Education Association)
  • Served as crew chief and documenter of the Rock Art of Southern New Mexico
  • Former Member of American Rock Art Research Association, Oklahoma Rock Art Research Group, Tulsa Archaeological Society, Three Rivers Art Association and New Mexico Archaeological Society, and Review Panelist, State Arts Council of Oklahoma
  • Participated in art exhibits in the Oklahoma area, one-man and collaborative shows, faculty exhibits and graduate student competitions

Publications & Research Activity

  • Current Work, Sequential development of Figure Ground series of paintings and drawings.
  • Illustrator for the novel, K’atsina, by Lana Harrigan, 1999.
  • Illustrator for the novel, Acoma, by Lana Harrigan, 1997.
  • Publication review of James D. Keyser’s book, Indian Rock Art of the Columbia Plateau, 1995.
  • Produced and narrated, “Native American Prehistoric (Rock) Art” telecourse, 18 thirty-minute videos, KRSC-TV, 1993-1995.
  • Director of grant and producer of catalog text, Crowe & Dunley Presents: Impressions of Oklahoma Pre-HistoryOklahoma Arts Council, 1992.
  • Project Director, ‘Conquest of Surrealism’ a State Arts Council of Oklahoma funded project that included an exhibit of Salvador Dali works and works of local artists influenced by Surrealism, 1989-90.
  • Project Director, “Original American Art: Rock Art of Northeastern Oklahoma,” an Oklahoma Humanities Committee and Rogers State College, 1982-83.


  • Colloquia presentation of still animation oil painting, NW10kW, to RSU faculty, 2006
  • Presentations to community art groups in the Tulsa/Claremore area, 2004-2005
  • One Man Show, Kevin Gillentine Gallery, New Orleans, LA, 1999
  • Rogers State University, Faculty Art Exhibits, 1990-Present
  • Lectures on my interior Illustrations for the Lana Harrigan novels, Acoma and K’atsina, Thunderbird Library, Claremore Regional Library, and several commercial bookstores and art galleries in Oklahoma and New Mexico, 1997-1998
  • Montone, Italy, Art Show, University of Tulsa, 1996-2001
  • Mayfest Invitational International, F & M Bank, Tulsa, OK, Tulsa Flower Garden Center, 1994

Teaching Methods & Evaluation

The main elements on which I base my teaching philosophy are under the general heading of Preparing Students for a Quality Future.

Such preparation is balanced and dependent on (1) my own preparation and awareness of the academic and professional “landscapes” in which our students will eventually find themselves learning, working and living. This also includes sharing with my students my professional and academic activities, knowing and expressing the histories that have influenced our current environments and disciplines, and deducing the directions and needs of the future.

Secondly, I have had the opportunity over the years to help design the curriculum of courses, programs and degree plans. In all cases, (2) I keep in mind the desire to give students learning options that address both aesthetic/academic investigations and practical/professional opportunities. This philosophy is also aligned with teaching toward a balance of traditional bases and technically innovative directions. I think it is extremely important to give students a practical, traditional (in some cases, hands-on) understanding of not only what come before our current technology, but the theoretical benefits of those understandings. As an example, in the art studio courses of drawing and painting we are not only learning one of the most important forms of cultural and human communications, we are experiencing the elemental background and all the visual aspects needed to create such things as quality computer graphics and other yet unknown technical means of expression.

(4) I promote learning beyond the classroom.  Students should be encouraged to take their education beyond the classroom. They should be allowed to see other cultures and places and apply them all to their own experiences and the art they produce. I want students to continue their education by seeing no end to it. They also need to see and talk to the successful professionals and academics in the fields they are studying. Part of this should be student driven and part of it we should make available through our institution.

(5) It is important for me to invest great time and effort beyond the classroom to assure student success.  When not teaching or preparing to teach, I am working on various projects designed to create learning advantages for our students. With the help of many parts of this institution, money is being raised for and promised to our students for scholarships and special projects that enhance their learning.

We must also think of student needs when it comes to future curriculum, activities and facilities. It is of great concern to me that student have a dynamic, yet stable, institutional environment in which to learn. Planning toward that end is another area of which I devote my time.