Emily Duncan

Name: Emily Duncan

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: 918-343-7761

Title: University Transfer Recruiter

Department: Admissions

Office: Markham Hall, Room 246

About Me

Edgewood, NM

M.A., History
B.A., History
Museum & Curatorial Studies Certificate

Favorite aspect of RSU:
I love how supportive and welcoming people are at RSU! People want to help you achieve your goals and will help you find the opportunities and resources you need to get there.

Why I love my job:
College can be a bit overwhelming when starting out. I love to help people learn how to navigate their first steps at RSU. I hope to help set up future Hillcats for success in their endeavors!

Favorite spot on campus:
The Legacy Plaza outside Meyer Hall. It is a calm place to reflect on our school’s history and sacrifices of those who served our country. The beautiful view overlooking the hill leading down to Claremore never gets old!

Favorite RSU Sport:
I enjoy a good baseball game!

Advice to prospective students:
Take classes that are out of your normal range of interests! You’ll be surprised how much you learn and how they enrich your perspective.

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Emily Duncan

While I was born and raised in New Mexico, it has been wonderful to return to the area of Oklahoma my family has lived for generations. I could not feel more welcome by everyone at RSU and the Claremore community!

I’m so happy to work at a school with such a rich history and commitment to making education accessible. I love getting to see the positive impact Hillcats have on their communities, near and afar.

My 5 ½ years of experience working in university housing has shown me the diversity of needs for students attending college!

Starting school can be challenging and at times confusing. Please contact me with any questions you may have!

I’m here to help you navigate the start of your journey at RSU and connect you with resources to help you succeed!