Students of Rogers State University are guaranteed certain rights by the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Oklahoma and the Rogers State University Student Government Association. In recognition of those rights and in keeping with the values underlying them, the University respects the following student rights:

  1. To pursue an education as long as University‘s applicable academic standards, policies, and laws are followed;
  2. To certain procedural due process, including notice and an opportunity to be heard, upon being deprived of a right;
  3. To request appropriate action from the administration for any violation of right guaranteed by this Code;
  4. To establish or disseminate publications free from any censorship or other official action controlling editorial policy or content, in accordance with applicable regulations and University policy;
  5. To invite and hear any speaker of choice on any subject, in accordance with applicable regulations and University policy;
  6. To use campus facilities, in accordance with applicable regulations and University policy;
  7. To peaceably assemble to demonstrate, inform, or protest, in accordance with applicable regulations and University policy;
  8. To be secure in his/her possessions, against invasion of privacy, and unreasonable search and seizure;
    1. Students have the same rights of privacy as any other citizens and surrender none of these rights by becoming members of the academic community.
    2. When the University seeks access to a student‘s room in a residence hall to determine compliance with provisions of applicable multiple dwelling unit laws or for improvement or repairs, the University will attempt to give as early as practicable advance notice to the occupant. Entry without notice is permitted in emergencies or where immediate danger to life, safety, health, or property is reasonably feared or during fire drills.
    3. Inspections of residence hall rooms may be performed to determine compliance with regulations concerning the use of institutional property.
    4. The University will not conduct a search of a student‘s room in a University housing unit to determine compliance with federal, state, or local criminal law.
  9. To form, join and participate in any student organization or group without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, age (40 or older), religion, disability, political beliefs or status as a veteran. Provided, in accordance with Oklahoma state law, a religious student association may choose to limit its membership or leadership based on the sincerely held religious beliefs, observances, or practices of the group; and
  10. Not to be charged more than once for one incident by University‘s Code of Conduct.

The above provisions are general restatements of the rights of all citizens and do not create additional or special rights beyond those afforded by the constitutions and laws of the United States and the State of Oklahoma.

Enrollment in the University creates special obligations beyond those attendant with membership in the general society. In addition to the requirement of compliance with general law, the student assumes the obligation to comply with all University policies and campus regulations.