Policy Concerning the Use of Non-Academic Criteria in the Admission of Students to Rogers State University
Rogers State University is committed to providing a safe learning and teaching environment for our students, faculty, and staff. As part of that commitment, the University reviews applications from prospective students who indicate they have a felony conviction or have been suspended or expelled from another college or university for non-academic reasons to determine their admissibility. The following policy will be used to review student applications.
 A. Upon indication on the Admissions Application of a felony arrest and conviction, the applicant must sign a release to authorize review of criminal history.
 B. Upon receipt of the background check, a committee will review the documentation. It should be noted that students may be requested to provide additional information such as court documents or other records from police agencies.
C. The committee will be comprised of the following: the Director of Admissions, the Vice President for Student Affairs, and the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing. The Director of Admissions will provide the background documentation to the committee members. The Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing will notify the applicant in writing of the committee‘s decision.
D. The committee will review the documentation and render a decision on the acceptance of the application based on the following:
  1. The nature of the crime committed.
  2. The threat of danger to the campus community.
  3. The amount of time between conviction and application to RSU.
  4. Recidivism of criminal activity of the applicant.
E. The committee may make recommendations of conditional acceptance of the applicant, accept the applicant with no conditions, or deny the applicant. If the applicant is currently on probation, suspended, or has been expelled or has other outstanding disciplinary actions at RSU or another institution, RSU may consider that status and underlying circumstances as part of its evaluation for admission. In such cases, if the applicant otherwise meets all other academic requirements, admission may be offered on a conditional basis requiring the completion of disciplinary action, including, but not limited to completing community service while attending RSU, completing alcohol or drug counseling, etc. Failure to satisfy the conditions will result in dismissal, suspension, or expulsion.
F. The committee will render a decision as to its finding after all admission documentation has been received. The Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing will notify the student of the committee‘s decision in writing.
G. The applicant may appeal the committee‘s decision by submitting an appeal in writing to the Vice President for Academic Affairs within ten (10) business days of the date of the notice outlining the findings of the committee. The Vice President for Academic Affairs will review the student‘s appeal along with the admission materials and render a final decision by notifying the applicant in writing.
Applicants might also wish to consult the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Academic Affairs Procedures Handbook, policy 3.9.10 regarding Non-Academic Criteria for Admission.