Who May Use Procedure
The grievance procedure embodied herein shall be available to any person who, at the time of the acts complained of, was employed by, was an applicant for employment with, or was enrolled as a student at the University.

Filing of Complaint
This procedure applies to persons who have complaints alleging discrimination based upon race, color, national origin, sex, gender identity, gender expression, age, religion, disability, political beliefs, or status as a veteran or complaints alleging sexual harassment, or retaliation. Such persons may file their complaints in writing with the University Equal Opportunity Officer.

Complainants who exercise their right to use this procedure agree to accept its conditions as outlined. Where multiple issues exist (e.g., violation of due process and grade appeal), the complainant must specify all of the grounds of the grievance of which the complainant knows or should have reasonably known at the time of filing. A grievance filed under this procedure may normally not be filed under any other University grievance procedure. Depending on the nature of the issues involved, the complainant will be advised by the University Equal Opportunity Officer or his or her designee about the appropriate procedure(s) to utilize.

Timing of Complaint
Any complaint must be filed with the University Equal Opportunity Officer within 180 calendar days of the act of alleged discrimination, harassment, or retaliation. The University Equal Opportunity Officer may reasonably extend all other time periods.