When used in this Code…

  1. The terms “University and RSU” mean Rogers State University, and collectively, those responsible for its control and operation.
  2. The term “student” includes all persons taking courses at the University, both full-time and part-time.
  3. The term “faculty” means any person hired by the University to conduct classroom activities. In certain situations, a person may be both “student” and “faculty.” Determination of status in a particular situation shall be controlled by the surrounding facts.
  4. The term “registered” used in conjunction with student organization refers to compliance with the registration process.
  5. The term “publication” means any printed, written, typewritten, or duplicated material published or disseminated, whether by students or non-students, that consists of other than primary promotional or advertising content, though publications may contain some advertising.
  6. The term “shall” is used in the imperative sense.
  7. The term “may” is used in the permissive sense.
  8. The term “public place” for the purpose of restricting distribution and solicitation shall be solely limited to designated common areas. Soldier‘s Field shall be considered a building.
  9. The term “day” shall be limited to any day on which Rogers State University holds regularly scheduled class(es). “Regularly scheduled” shall include intersession (if any), the regular summer school period, and regularly scheduled final examination days.
  10. All other terms have their natural meaning unless the context dictates otherwise.