The Inclusion Project Logoin•clu•sion
inˈklo͞oZHən: involvement and empowerment, where the inherent worth and dignity of all people are recognized

The Inclusion Project is a series of workshops, lectures, events, and activities to assist the Rogers State University community in understanding and embracing the various forms of diversity and difference while creating an environment that promotes engaged citizenship.

Incentive Program

Academic departments, university offices, and student organizations:
We encourage you to submit event proposals for participation in the Inclusion Project. If the event meets the criteria, the Inclusion Project will develop publicity and support marketing for your event.

Individual students:
You are invited to attend at least 5 Inclusion Project sponsored programs during the semester. Students who attend 5 and submit short reflections on their experiences will be entered in a drawing for three $100 Bookstore gift cards and receive a certificate of completion.