Top from left: Allison Jenkins, Sherrie Sherrick, Autumn Fourkiller, Quinn McCormick. Bottom from left: John Barron, Creed Littlefield, Seth McLaughlin

Executive Committee



Autumn Fourkiller, President

Autumn Fourkiller Major: Public Affairs – Political Science

Clubs: President of SGA, President of AAUW, Vice President of College Democrats, Diversity Committee, Recycling Club, and the Honors Program. 

Hobbies: Listening to NPR, learning how to use my French press, and studying/writing/reading.

SGA Goals: My primary goal is to maintain the service-oriented mission of SGA and to work at making the Congress not just a cornerstone of the campus community, but of the Claremore community as well. I would like to see a diverse group of opinions and people represented during meetings and will try my hardest to see that all students feel that they have a voice.

Prospective Career: After graduation I plan on attending law school in hopes of one day working in the sectors of public policy and elections. 


Allison Jenkins, Vice President

Allison JenkinsClubs: SGA, Recycling Club, Honors Program, PLC

Hobbies: In my limited free time I enjoy spending time with my roommates and my dog, Dexter. I also enjoy hiking and pretty much any activity that involves nature.

SGA Goals: Two of the main goals I have for SGA is to continue growing and to have better communication. We already have a large congress, but I want us to fill most if not all available positions. I also hope to see more communication between senators and their departments and between SGA and student organizations. I also hope to see SGA continue serving the community and the campus as much as we can.

Prospective Career: After graduating RSU I plan on attending Law school and focusing on family and divorce law. I aspire to someday be a public servant of any kind because I love helping and serving others. 


Quinn McCormick, Executive Assistant

Quinn McCormickMajor: Communications – Radio/TV Major

Clubs: SGA, PLC, and the Honors Program

Hobbies: Singing, going to concerts, going to coffee shops, watching movies, and traveling.

SGA Goals: My goal for SGA is to improve student involvement on campus and to give the student body a voice. I would love to see a partnership between organizations and the creation of new organizations.

Prospective Career: Journalist


Creed Littlefield, Public Relations

Creed LittlefieldMajor: Communications – Radio/TV Major

Clubs: PR for SGA, Vice Chair of RSU OIL, College Democrats, The Diversity Committee, Recycling Club, Student Broadcasting Association (SBA), Student Grade Appeals Committee, and a PLC recipient.

Hobbies: Going to political functions, spending my time at home on the lake, spontaneous road trips around the country, traveling the world, community service involvement, and intensively decorating for every upcoming holiday.

SGA Goals: Finding new ways of promotion for SGA and putting a spin on things we already do. Promoting creative mindsets so we hear new ideas. Making SGA look as professional as possible to the public and on campus. My favorite thing is to show the surrounding communities that we care and that we are involved.

Prospective Career: After graduation I plan on attending a Fashion/Interior Design school in hopes of working for E! News in their fashion department or go to work for HGTV.


Seth McLaughlin, Parliamentarian

Clubs: SGA, Honors Program, Consoles and PCs (CAP)

Hobbies: In my free time I enjoy reading books, playing PC and Xbox video games, and writing computer code. 

SGA Goals: For students to be successful, it is important to get involved on campus. I want to ensure there enough diverse clubs and organizations that any student on campus will be able join and benefit from being a member.

Prospective Career: Writing computer code for a cybersecurity company. 


Sherrie Sherrick, Senate Floor Leader

Sherrie SherrickMajor:B.S., Social Science – Psychology

Clubs: Senate Floor Leader of SGA, Senator for Psychology department, President of Psi Chi Honor Society.

Hobbies: Spending time with my family and my Girl Scouts. I love to do many different types of arts and crafts.

SGA Goals: My goal is to increase senator participation so that we have a full Congress. I also hope to help students understand that their voices can be heard through legislation.

Prospective Career: I will work in the mental health field in some capacity. My passion is working with children. I hope to work with “at risk” children to help them to see their potential and to change their life path for the better.


Brent Marsh and Kayla ConklingStaff Advisors

Kayla Conkling
Student Engagement Assistant
Dr. Carolyn Taylor Center, Room 201B
[email protected]

Dr. Brent Marsh
Vice President for Student Affairs
Dr. Carolyn Taylor Center, Room 201D
[email protected]