Welcome to Rogers State University!

Dr. Brent MarshI am delighted that you have chosen RSU to further your education, and I commend you for making a great decision.

The University’s mission is to ensure students develop the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully achieve personal and professional goals in dynamic, increasingly diverse local and global communities.

You will cultivate these skills and acquire this knowledge throughout your collegiate experience at RSU, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Your progress is a shared responsibility: Faculty and staff must commit to provide you with challenging and supportive environments in which to learn and grow, and you must avail yourselves to the many opportunities provided, making the most of them.

I encourage you to peruse the RSU website to learn more about services available and how our team is here to assist you. In addition, feel free to drop by, call, or e-mail the Office of Student Affairs.

Rogers State University is a fantastic community. Let’s keep working together to ensure that RSU is:

  • a place where everyone feels welcome, safe, and supported.
  • a university where people speak up when something isn’t right.
  • a learning community where everyone can realize their fullest potential.
  • an educational institution that grows and thrives both now and well into the future.

I’m looking forward to an enjoyable and rewarding academic year.

Dr. Brent A. Marsh, Vice President for Student Affairs