Voting will be held Feb. 3-9, 2020. Watch your student email for more information on voting.

Homecoming Queen

Homecoming King

Lilly GarnerLilly Garner, Junior
Student Athlete Advisory Committee

I would be honored with the opportunity to serve as Homecoming Queen because it would give me the chance to give back to my university and the Claremore community. From being a part of the RSU Women’s Basketball Team, as well as the President’s Leadership Class, RSU has invested a lot into me, and I would love the opportunity to do the same!

Andrew DelaneyAndrew Delaney, Senior
President’s Leadership Class

I’m always looking for opportunities to impact people in a positive way, and I know that being Homecoming King would open a few doors to be a good influence on the Claremore community.

Memory Merriman, Senior
The President’s Leadership Class

Being the RSU Homecoming Queen would be an honor because it would allow me to represent the organizations I have been a part of and the Psychology Department. The relationships I have formed at RSU mean so much to me and I know they will continue after graduation. In short, I would love to represent RSU and all of the people who have supported me.

Hayden JonesHayden Jones, Senior
Honors Program

I want to represent the university that has given so much to me and shaped my life the last 4 years. I am very proud of the reputation RSU has created for itself.

Mikala RichardsonMikala Richardson, Senior
Honors Program

College has always been about testing myself and improving. Before coming to RSU, I was deeply introverted, and I didn’t believe in my own potential. Serving as Homecoming Queen would be a challenge, but it is one that will show just how far I have come in four years.

Jesus RamirezJesus Ramirez, Junior
Student Athlete Advisory Committee

I want love to represent the university in a positive way.

Jamie WallaceJamie Wallace, Senior
Active Minds

For the past 3-4 years, RSU has been home for me. I have experienced so much during my time here, from personal growth and success to overcoming obstacles that seemed impossible to move. This university has supported me the entire way. I would love to be able to give back to the place that has given me so much.