Community 6101-6117

Luke Reese
Strive for progress, not perfection.

Luke Reese
BS in Social Science-Psychology
Wann, Oklahoma

Hi I’m Luke and I’m a freshman this is my first semester being a RA.

I graduated from Oklahoma Union in May of 2019 and started at RSU in August.

I like to play video games, magic the gathering, and reading.

As a RA, I want to make my residents feel as comfortable and welcome as possible.

I look forward to meeting you and would love to learn about what makes you.



Community 6118-6134

Jesus Ramirez
Whatever you are in life, be a good one.

Jesus Ramirez
BS in Business Administration-Human Resources Management
Catoosa, OK

Hey everyone! I am Jesus and I am a junior here at RSU. This is my second year of being an RA and I have loved it.

I graduated from Catoosa High School in 2017 and signed to play soccer for Rogers State. Being on the men’s soccer team is a great opportunity. Any support that all the students can show towards us would mean the world.

A few things I enjoy doing, other than playing soccer, is hanging out with my teammates, driving, eating, Netflix, and playing X-Box.

I can’t wait for a good year and getting to know everyone. If you have any questions, feel free to stop by my room and ask.


Community 6135-6153

Jorge Moreno
I occasionally fall asleep in a hammock!

Jorge Moreno
BS in Justice Administration
Phoenix, Arizona

Hola! My name is Jorge. I graduated from Memorial High school in 2016 from Tulsa.

After graduating I came directly to RSU to begin my education in Justice Administration and to meet new people.

My years here at RSU have been fun and educational each becoming better than the last, I have gradually become more outgoing by going to events and meeting people who all have different goals.

As for hobbies, I like to game on the computer and ps4 but I also like to play some soccer and volleyball. Ah! And of course some Netflix.

I look forward to this year as a Residential Assistant and meeting all of you here at RSU.


Community 6201-6218

Teria Rogers
I love horses and going on adventures.

Teria Rogers
BS in Justice Administration
Oklahoma City, OK

Hello everyone, my name is Teria but my nickname is Bugs. I graduated from Millwood High School in 2017 as President of my class. I am a Junior here at Rogers State University.

A fun fact about me is I rodeo – I do pony express! For those of you who don’t know what pony express is, it is a relay race on horses. It’s a crowd pleaser and the main attraction at the rodeos back home. In my free time I enjoy spending time in the country with my horses or watching my races on YouTube.

I am a very outgoing and adventurous person. Some say I may even have a bit of an old soul too. Whenever you see me I will always be smiling. So, when you’re ready to do something adventurous let me know. As long as we are not messing with snakes – I can’t stand snakes!

My goal as an RA is to build a never forgotten relationship with all my residents and motivate them to be the best they can be. I want to learn about your different cultures and different personalities as individuals. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions or stop me if you see me walking by. I will be more than happy to assist you or speak to you. I look forward to meeting you. SEE YOU SOON!!!


Community 6219-6235

Perla Campos
I love discovering new music – so show me something new!

Perla Campos
BS in Social Science-Psychology
Buffalo, OK

Hey! My name is Perla and I am a Junior here at RSU. I graduated high school from a town called Buffalo in the armpit of Oklahoma that you’ve probably never heard of.

I am the first person in my family to attend college and college is unknown territory, so coming to such a welcoming place like RSU has definitely made the transition fun and easy. I have made good connections in clubs and with really good friends. I have found my core group of people and look forward to seeing them along with meeting new people.

Some of my favorite things to do are listening to music, gaming, reading, and watching movies. I love to listen to all kinds of different styles of music. You’ll find me listening to classical music one day and heavy metal the next. I’ve been playing video games since I was a kid and haven’t stopped and don’t plan to. I like reading books of all kinds and watching horror and action movies. If you’ve got any recommendations for any of these topics hit me up.

I look forward to meeting everyone. Please come by and approach me any time you have questions, need something, or just want to chat. You can also come and sit with me for a meal if you see me in Chappy. Can’t wait to see ya!!


Community 6236-6254

Brooklyn Buckminster
I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. -Philippians 4:13

Brooklynn Buckminster
BS in Business Administration
Siloam Springs, Arkansas

Hello everyone! My name is Brooklyn Buckminster, and I am an RA for UVC. This is going to be my second year at Rogers State University. I am so excited to be joining you all from Arkansas!

I play for the woman’s soccer team here and am majoring in business.

Some of my hobbies are watching Netflix and Youtube, hanging out with friends, and going to the lake with my family. Along with many other things.

From experience there is a place here for everyone and I’m so excited to make new experiences. I hope to see you all around campus and don’t forget you can always call RA on duty for any help you may need or someone just to talk to.


Community 6301-6326

Elizabeth Bond
I like to relax in my hammock.

Elizabeth Bond
BS in Business Administration-Accounting
Chouteau, OK

Hey y’all! My name is Elizabeth. I graduated from Chouteau High School in 2016. Right out of high school, I went to Northern Oklahoma College in Stillwater and completed my Associates Degree in Business Administration. I am a senior graduating in May with my degree in Accounting.

I enjoy hanging out with my three little sisters and my friends, spending time on my family farm, and finding somewhere to relax in my hammock.

As an RA I want to make sure students feel welcome and give them the best college experience possible. I look forward to building new relationships and making new friends throughout my time as an RA.


Community 6328-6354

Cole ChandlerCome as you are and love like family.

Cole Chandler
B.A. in Communications
Claremore, OK

What’s up, my name is Cole! I am a current sophomore here at RSU and this will be my first year as a resident assistant!

Some of my favorite things to do is go to concerts, take pictures, drink coffee, hang out with friends, or go watch shows with friends.

I am also in the Student Broadcast Association Club and the Channel 42 club. Both are super fun and engaging to be involved with if communications is something that sparks your interest!

I really would like to help make this campus fun and inviting. Whether it’s through my monthly event or just by hanging out with other students and spending time with them, I want everyone to feel at home.

I’m super stoked to see how everyone grows adapts to this new environment. Just think of what is going to happen from the time you move in here to your last day of class! How many new people will you met, or events will you have gone to? What all new things will you have learned that might stay with you for the rest of your life?