Community 5101-5130

Jacalyn Honeywell
I spend most of my time studying or working out.

Jacalyn Honeywell
Medical/Molecular Biology
Sapulpa, OK

Hello everyone! My name is Jacalyn and I am currently a senior here at RSU. This is my first semester as a Residential Assistant.

I joined the Army National Guard After high school. Upon graduating from the Army National Guard, I began school here at RSU. I am studying Medical/Molecular Biology and will graduate this next year.

I enjoy dancing, fishing, watching Netflix or hanging out with friends. I am very easy to talk to so feel free to stop by my room and hangout.

I look forward to meeting everyone! If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Community 5131-5220

Madison Duncan
I like to hiking and hammocking.

Madison Duncan
B.S. in Elementary Education
Claremore, OK

Hello everyone! My name is Madison, and I am a sophomore here at Rogers State. I am a graduate of Claremore High School, and have lived here my entire life.

My hobbies include hammocking, playing Mario Kart, watching The Office, hiking, and cooking!

As my first semester as an RA, I cannot wait for the new friends and experiences to come. I will be happy to accommodate your housing needs, as well as always have an open door for anyone who wants to talk, has questions or simply hang out!

I’m greatly looking forward to my adventures living on campus as an RA, and getting to know you all. Go Hillcats!

Community 5221-5310

Cody Pechanec
I do what I can to be a more well rounded person.

Cody Pechanec
B.S. in Justice Administration
Copan, Ok

Hey what’s up! My name is Cody, and I am a sophomore here at RSU. This will be my first semester as an RA.

After graduating, I completed most of my gen eds at Bartlesville campus and made my way to Claremore shortly after. I hope to pursue a good education that will ensure my success in the years to come.

To be honest, I’m a jack of all trades. I like to do anything and everything that can possibly make me a more well rounded person. Some hobbies consist of working out, running, playing video games, researching, listening to music, and writing poetry. Oh, I’m also learning the piano!

Outside of being an RA, I also participate in the college’s Choir, the Student Theater Organization, and am the founder of the Student Writing Organization, which is starting up this semester.

If you ever need anything, my door’s always open. I try my best to help anyone regardless how small they may think the issue is. I’m also down to just hangout or talk if you ever need an ear!

Community 5311-5340

Jorge Moreno
I occasionally fall asleep in a hammock!

Jorge Moreno
BS in Justice Administration
Phoenix, Arizona

Hola! My name is Jorge, I am starting my 3rd year at RSU. I graduated from Memorial High school in 2016 from Tulsa.

After graduating I came directly to RSU to begin my education in Justice Administration and to meet new people.

My years here at RSU have been fun and educational each becoming better than the last, I have gradually become more outgoing by going to events and meeting people who all have different goals.

As for hobbies, I like to game on the computer and ps4 but I also like to play some soccer and volleyball. Ah! And of course some Netflix.

I look forward to this year as a Residential Assistant and meeting all of you here at RSU. I will be in room 5328 in UVB.