Community 5101-5130

Shelby Haught
I want to become a doctor!

Shelby Haught
Biology: Medical/Molecular Major
Wynona, OK

Hey, everyone! My name is Shelby and I’m from the small town of Wynona. I attended Pawhuska high school as well as a medicine and bioscience program at Tri County Technology Center in Bartlesville.

I’m currently a sophomore majoring in Medical/Molecular Biology in hopes of reaching my childhood dream of becoming a doctor.

I love spending my time helping others and giving back to the community so I volunteer at Jane Phillips Medical Center.

There are numerous hobbies I enjoy such as hiking, shopping, taking road trips, and of course binge-watching my favorite series on Netflix! I am an active member of Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority and the Pre-Professional Health club here on campus and plan to get more involved with other organizations that RSU has to offer in the semesters to come.

I might seem quiet and reserved, but as soon as I get to know you I am one of the most outgoing people you’ll meet. If there is anything you ever need – from homework help to a shoulder to cry on at 3:00 am – I’m your girl! Don’t ever hesitate to knock on my door. I’m always happy to help!

As an RA, I hope to build strong relationships with my fellow residents and create a community that makes everyone feel right at home. I’m here to make your college experience the most memorable and enjoyable time of your life!

Community 5131-5220

Saul Gutierrez
I am originally from Jalisco, Mexico!

Saul Gutierrez
Business Administration: Management Major
Miami, Florida

Hey Hillcats! My name is Saul Gutierrez and I am a senior here at Rogers State.

I am originally from Jalisco, Mexico, but moved to Miami, Florida when I was young. After graduating high school, I played college soccer at Cloud County Community College, where I got my Associates Degree in General Studies.

I transferred to Rogers State to continue my education and soccer career. My major is Business Management, and I wish to someday start my own business with my family.

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. Soccer is my passion and the field is probably where I spend most of my free time. I also like working out and running, so if you ever feel like going for a run just hit me up. When I am not outside, you can usually find me working on homework in the library or watching a lot of Netflix. My favorite shows are The Arrow and The 100.

As this is my second semester being an RA at this university, I am really looking forward to meeting new people and instilling a sense of community among my residents. If you ever have any questions or want to catch a game, just stop by!

Community 5221-5310

Lexie Jourdan

 I want to be a dentist!

Lexie Jourdan
Biology: Medical/Molecular Major
Vinita, OK

Hi everyone! My name is Lexie and I’m a senior here at RSU. I’m originally from Vinita, OK which is about 45 minutes from campus. I’m currently pursuing a degree in Medical/Molecular Biology with the goal of becoming a dentist. Prior to attending RSU, I graduated from Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College in Miami, OK with an Associate’s degree in Natural Science.

I strive to be as involved on campus as my major allows me to be. While in college, I’ve been able to hone in on my time management skills. This allows me the ability pursue the things that I love while maintaining my studies. Managing all your responsibilities in college while still making time for campus life can be hard. If you every need advice on juggling everything, I’m your girl!

I am the President of the Pre-Professional Health Club here on campus, so talk to me if you’re interested in pursuing a career in health care post-graduation! I am also a member of the Biology & Chemistry club, both subjects that I enjoy helping others with in my free time. At my previous school, I was a part-time student tutor. While this isn’t my job anymore, I still love helping fellow students with their studies whenever I can.

I love animals (especially dogs), so in my free time I enjoy volunteering for local animal rescues. Fun fact: prior to my goal of becoming a dentist, I wanted to be a veterinarian (among many other things, deciding your major can be hard!). I also enjoy riding horses, reading, and feeding my caffeine addiction, i.e. visiting local coffee shops.

I’m excited to welcome you to the RSU family! If you ever need anything, I’m happy to help!

Community 5311-5340

Valerie Richard
I love to take spontaneous trips!

Valerie Richard
Corporate Communications Major
Kaw City, OK

Hey there! I am Valerie. I am currently a senior here at Rogers State University. This will be my third year as a Residential Assistant. I am majoring in Corporate Communications with emphasis in public relations. Along with this I am minoring in Business Administration.

I dream of having my own office and helping as many people as I can. I am from the small town of Kaw City, OK.  I graduated in 2014 from Shidler High School with a big class of 16 graduates where I was involved in all sorts of clubs which influenced my involvement here on the RSU campus greatly.

Since I have been at RSU I have been involved with many things. I am a student on the Sodexo Student Board. I am an active member of Christians in Action (CIA). I attend the Student Government meetings to help and learn about things on campus. You can also see me involved with RSU’s Student Broadcasting Association.

My Favorite things to do are making new friends, being outside, visiting new places, and taking spontaneous trips. I hope all of you enjoy your time at RSU and I am excited to meet every single one of you so do not be afraid to say hello!