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Kiera Parker
I collect game consoles!

Kiera Parker
BS in Medical/Molecular Biology

My name is Kiera Parker! My hobbies include writing, art, running, listening to rock music, and learning as much as I can (whether I’m in school or not). I also love a good game of Pokemon-Go, or just really good video game in general. I’m collector of all things nerdy, and game consoles is one of them.

If you ever need help staying active or want to simply kick back and relax, I’m your girl. I’m a people person and love helping others, so being your study buddy isn’t something I’m against, either.

After college, I hope to become a geneticist, an author, and a mother who can somehow manage to juggle all of those things. College is a great place to figure out what you want to do with your life and who you want to perhaps do it with, so good luck to you guys and I’m here if you need me!

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Miguel Pineda Soto

I’m from Venezuela!

Miguel Pineda Soto
BS in Business Administration-Accounting
Maracaibo, Venezuela

Welcome to Rogers State University! I’m originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela, but I grew up in the Middle East because of my dad’s job.

I transferred to RSU from Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College with Associates degrees in Pre-Engineering and Construction Management. I will be a junior this semester. I am excited to become a part of RSU’s great student body and I plan to get involved in as many on campus activities as I possibly can!

This will be my first year as an RA for RSU and I’m eager to help out whoever I can. I enjoy playing pickup basketball, reading a good book, and listening to music. Additionally, I have been tutoring people in higher level math classes for a few years now and I really enjoy helping everyone understand hard concepts. If you ever need to sit down with some confusing homework or simply get some insight on a hard concept, I’m your guy!

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Tucker Thompson
I love me some Haggard, Jones, and Jennings!

Tucker Thompson
BS in Biology-Environmental Conservation
Bristow, OK

Hey there! My name is Tucker and I am a senior here at Rogers State.

The reason I have chosen to follow this path in my education comes from a lifetime of hunting and fishing. I have always loved the outdoors, and I believe that everyone should always have the opportunity to enjoy all it has to offer.

I grew up outside of the small town of Bristow, Oklahoma, graduating with 99 people in the class of 2014. I have always lived in the country; I have always lived the country lifestyle. Consequently, I am a huge country music fan. I love me some Haggard, Jones, and Jennings.

This is my third year as an RA, and my goals are to be a positive role model, make the college transition easier for others, and better those around me as I better myself.