2014 Distinguished Alumni Honoree

Wade MedberryMr. Wade Medbery, ’53

Wade Medbery attended school in his hometown of Clinton, Oklahoma until 1949 when he enrolled at Oklahoma Military Academy, where he graduated from high school in 1951 and junior college in 1953. While at OMA, he participated in sports and many other activities, listing his favorite as the drill team due to their many demonstrations in support of sporting events as well as many parades.

Following Medbery’s graduation from OMA, he remained in the US Army Reserves until he was commissioned in 1957 in Armor. He retired in 1984 after 31 years as a Lieutenant Colonel. He served in major management positions in the Army for his last 14 years.

After his retirement from the Army, Medbery spent 1988 in Boston, serving as general manager of a diesel manufacturing company and helping with their reorganization efforts. Then he spent 1989 and most of 1990 in Palestine, Texas, where he served for a year as city manager.

Beginning in September of 1990, he worked under contract as the manager of a space experiment for the US Army Intelligence Agency in Fort Huachuca, Arizona until he fully retired in 1992. During his years in management, Medbery was a working member of the Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club in Palestine, Texas. Upon full retirement, he and his late wife Barbara began travelling full-time throughout the United States.

In 1999, Medbery was elected to the Board of Directors for the OMA Alumni Association and served as president from 1999-2001. He worked with other Alumni to improve the museum, provide input for yearly reunions, and help search for alumni not known to the active roster. He was also instrumental, along with P.D. (Bud) Inhofe, in establishing the South Padre Island Mini Reunion in 1999,which has been held every fall since and has become a beloved OMA Alumni tradition.

Concerning his award as OMA Distinguished Alumni for 2014, Medbery states he is humbled by the nominations for this honor: “The best part of my attendance at OMA was the friendships made that I still maintain today.”