2017 Distinguished Alumni Honoree

Jack DolmanJack A. Dolman, Jr., ‘66

Jack A. Dolman, Jr. arrived on the Hill in the late summer of 1964 to begin school as a college freshman with the Class of 1965 and a member of the Cadet Corps. He attended OMA for two years, graduating in 1966. He came to the Hill after completing his initial six months of active duty with the U.S. Marine Corps and he joined his younger brother Paul W. Dolman, who was beginning his second year in high school at OMA.

After a Rabbit period of eleven days, Dolman was promoted to corporal in A Company. At semester, he was promoted to Battalion Sargent Major and at the end of the first year was further promoted to Second Lieutenant and platoon leader. He returned in 1966 as a captain and Delta Company Commander.

Dolman was active on campus as a member of the Ambassadors of Americanism, Outstanding Company, Chapel Foundation, Chevron and Saber Societies, Drill Team, Judge’s Bench, Cadet Capers and a cheerleader in 1965-1966. He also received honors including the Military Proficiency Ribbon, Merit Ribbon, Athletic Ribbon and following summer camp the Distinguished Military Student (DMS) designation.

Upon graduation, Dolman attended and graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1969 with a degree in radio and television journalism.

Early in his career, he worked in sales and marketing for real estate properties in central Arkansas and eventually managed a multi-office brokerage in Little Rock, Arkansas along with a start-up multi-office brokerage in Jacksonville, Florida. An opportunity came knocking in 1988 to join the development team that was building the first major continuing care retirement community in Jacksonville, Cypress Village. “That opportunity opened the door to what became a 25-year career in senior living,” Dolman said. “It was an immensely satisfying period in my life during which I was giving more than getting and serving more than being served.”

“I came to OMA by a circuitous route having done my active duty but wanted to get back into college. When Paul and I could attend OMA together, that really made the Hill, the Corps and the friendships so much more meaningful,” he said.

Dolman also had an uncle, Joseph G. Perry, who attended OMA in 1931 and 1932, receiving an appointment to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

Dolman now resides in Jacksonville with his wife Marietta. Between their merged families, the couple has six children and 10 grandchildren.