Dr. Jordon Smith, '06Dr. Jordon C. Smith, DDS ’06

B.S., Biology-Medical/Molecular
Doctor of Dental Surgery, University of Oklahoma
Practice General Dentistry in Grove, OK

Why did you choose RSU to attend college?
I chose RSU because of proximity originally, and the cost of tuition was great compared to other schools in the Tulsa area.

What were your career goals while attending RSU?
I started school with intentions to go into dentistry. I didn’t have many other goals or expectations when I began, and I only considered switching once because of an 8 a.m. physiology class my sophomore year.

Why did you chose the career you have now?
Many reasons really, but here’s the short story. I grew up enjoying dental visits. During my teenage years, my father became a good friend with a dentist in our church, and that relationship exposed me a lot more to the profession. 

After high school, I worked for a year to take a break from school, and was faced with all the same questions people have… what’s my passion, what kind of lifestyle do I want, and what path would get me there? Dentistry was clearly my answer. So I enrolled that following summer and here I am.

How did RSU help you to achieve your career goals?
Most obviously, I obtained the degree and the requirements for admission into dental school. That’s what I went to RSU for, but what I ended up getting was so much more than a degree. Being involved in the campus during such an incredible time of growth helped me mature and see the bigger picture of life. 

I was fortunate to work in the student affairs department my freshman year and that lead to becoming an RA in the dorms as a sophomore. I was in charge of intramural games while I worked at the health facility, and was a ropes course leader for a summer or two as well. I was also the first rush chairman of the new chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha that colonized in 2004. 

Through it all, I became a better student, a better leader, and a better person. Without those experiences, I’m not sure I would be the professional I am now. And as a side bonus, I obtained my closest friends. Without their support and friendship throughout the years, I’m not sure I would have reached my career goals either.