Jennifer PilantJennifer Pilant, ’04

Trust Officer and Trust Department Manager
Arvest Asset Management, Tulsa, OK

Studied Accounting while at RSU
B.B.A., Finance, Northeastern State University

Why did you choose RSU (or one of its former schools) to attend college?
I was working full time at a bank in Pryor and decided to live at home and attend a local university for my first year of college. RSU had just transitioned from a junior college to an accredited university. RSU offered me an alternative to relocating and minimized my tuition and living costs.

What were your career goals while attending RSU? 
Initially I was an accounting major, but I quickly determined that preparing financials and crunching numbers were not my strong suits. However, I truly enjoyed the relationship building aspect of financial planning. It is an honor to help my clients build, manage and protect their wealth.

Why did you choose the career you have now?
I was working in the banking industry when I found that accounting was not my forte, so banking was a natural transition. I did not start my career in trust management. However, as my career progressed, I was drawn to the complex and intimate nature of the trust business. 

How did RSU help you to achieve your career goals?
RSU provided the foundation for my college career and helped direct me to the field that I enjoy today.  RSU advisors and professors took the time to help me assess my strengths and choose a career that is financially rewarding and very fulfilling.