Girl with RSU hat and shirt onThrough RaiseMe, high school students can earn micro-scholarships to Rogers State University for good grades and a good GPA, community involvement, visiting campus, and more.

Students can start earning micro-scholarships as early as their freshmen year and apply them RSU.

Begin now by creating your RaiseMe profile


Who’s eligible to earn micro-scholarships?

Students who are in grades 9, 10, 11, or 12 and attend high school in the United States can use RaiseMe. In order to be eligible for RaiseMe micro-scholarships at RSU, students must maintain a 3.0 minimum high school GPA, be a US citizen or permanent resident, and have Oklahoma Residency.

How do I get started?

Begin by creating an account on RaiseMe. Add achievements such as grades, extracurricular activities, a campus visit, leadership positions, and more to your portfolio. Download the Free RaiseMe mobile app.

How do I receive these scholarships from Rogers State?

Simply complete your profile, keep your achievements updated, and apply to RSU by June 1 after your senior year.

Can the RaiseMe scholarship be used in addition to other scholarships from RSU?

The final total of scholarships earned on RaiseMe represents a guaranteed minimum amount of scholarship you will receive in your financial aid package to attend RSU. If you receive a larger scholarship based upon other factors (like your final college application and FAFSA) through the admission application process, then that package will include, and not be in addition to, the amount that you have earned on RaiseMe.

Is RaiseMe free to use?

Yes. RaiseMe is entirely free for high school students.

Are these real scholarships?

Yes! We partner with RaiseMe to allow you to earn scholarships to RSU earlier in high school and help you see how you can be a competitive candidate. When RSU awards student scholarships on RaiseMe, we are guaranteeing these scholarships will be included in your financial aid package after you are admitted.

Can I use the scholarships earned from the RSU program to pay the cost of attending another school?

No. Micro-scholarships are not transferrable between colleges. You can only use the scholarships that you earn from one school towards the cost of attending that same college — not to any other school.