The Sarkeys Nursing Scholarship will be disbursed over two fiscal years, 2017-2018 and 2018-2019, at a rate of $6,250 per semester.

Allocations can range between $500 and $1,000 per semester.

Funds will be awarded to offset documented “financial need” for:

  • 6 students per semester
  • 3 Associate RN students (one returning and two new each year)
  • 3 RN-BSN students (one returning and two new each year)

Students should complete the FAFSA and be qualified as low-income, first generation, non-traditional college students receiving financial assistance in the form of grants or student loans. They must be enrolled in either the Associate Nursing Program or the RN-to-BSN Program.

Award disbursements (either in the form of scholarships or stipends) can be applied to the following costs:

  • Scholarships: Tuition, fees, books
  • Stipends: If a student does not utilize the maximum award allotment, funds can be disbursed via a Foundation stipend to cover the following allowable costs related to nursing program requirements:NCLEX testing fees;Uniforms;Supplies
  • Funds CANNOT be used to pay for travel or child care

Applications for the Sarkeys Award will be accepted through the RSU Scholarship Office.  Determination of final awards will be forwarded to the RSU Foundation Office. Should the cost of tuition, fees and books be less than the total allowable award, the remaining funds will be available to the student through an RSU Foundation reimbursement process. Documentation of costs will be required in order to issue a check to the student. Students will be required to provide a IRS Form W9.